Where to buy t-1 pro

  1. Where to buy t-1 pro

    where can i purchase this online besides bdcnutrition

  2. No where. Why would you not want to purchase it here?

  3. the link isnt working for me. Can you give me one to the order list?

  4. Check the link in my signature. Or scroll to the very bottom of the screen and hit "member store"

  5. do you know how its shipped once payment is recieved? is there anyway to get over night?

  6. I dont know man, if its not an option, I doubt its avaliable.

  7. hmm i was hoping to purchase w/ cc or debit card.

  8. You can use your CC or DC with PayPAL.

  9. hmm, you're right. Thanks. Have you guys used any other PH such as big cat's megabol/anabol or 1-ad/4-ad/1,4 ?

  10. meh... I'll tell ya this, everyone I've ever seen who HAS used both... lemme put it this way, there is universal preference for BDC/homebrew shiot, because it is simply the best value

  11. is it wise to stack t-1 pro with any other PH or supplement for better gains in strength/size?

  12. T-1 pro is already a 1-test/4-ad stack, I would leave it at that.

  13. just ordered some t-1 pro using paypal. Eager to try it out. Anyone know approx. how many days it usually takes to ship and arrive?

  14. I received mine the next day but I donít think that is typical.

  15. Update: the Bdcnutrition.com site is under re-construction right now and will be released shortly. In addition, we will have a new storefront and will accept paypal,credit, and debit cards for your convenience. For now, ordering is still available through the member store found in the members section. Thanks for your patience.

    Thank you

  16. cool next time i dont have to use gimpy ass paypal to buy my t-1 pro.

  17. GfaceKIlla (wu fan huh....nice) you'll find the T-1pro to be a great product man. You should be getting your purchase by the end of this weekend. Then you can start swoling away. Sage

  18. any supplements to take to help w/ sides of t-1 pro? Am going to apply 4 mL twice/day.

  19. I think you need more research before you do a cycle.

  20. Agree with Dar. Do you know what possible side effects are associated w/ this product? Be sure to do your post cycle supplement research as well.


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