Tren Ace.... Time to Blast off?

  1. Tren Ace.... Time to Blast off?

    How long does Tren Ace usually take to kick into high gear. Cause Im just about at the 2 week mark, and I just had the most incredibly easy workout.. considering last week, It was brutally hard.

    I'm so stoked right now.. not only did I nail everything, I had tonnes of breath. I was able to just pump things off, not needing to stop for an extra breath.. or to regroup.

    Highlights of the night being:

    365 pounds shrugs 8/8/8
    205 Oh Shoulder press 8/8/8

    Hell I could of swore that my partner didn't rack up enough weights.


    Feel strange today.. like I'm almost floating. And I'm getting acid reflux specially during the workout.. Any thoughts?

  2. You using anything other than tren?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Sticks
    You using anything other than tren?
    Yea, I've been on test/eq/5aa cyp for 12 weeks.

    Just added in tren 2 weeks ago.

  4. I noticed more energy and strength in a matter of days.. We all react differently..

  5. Id say your tren is kicking in pretty good right now Poobah !! When I did tren ace the first time I got so strong I was literally scaring myself with how strong I got !!

  6. took me a couple weeks to notice. after the 3.5 week mark, it had hit full speed.

  7. God. Now I'm really itching to go

    Hopefully the pinz and the hcg will get here soon...

  8. wow that's quite a cycle. good luck with the PCT.


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