Anavar for lean muscle mass and fat loss

  1. I am 38 years old have always worked out and used over the counter supplements,most recently oxy elite pro.

    I've been using a trainer for the last month and have lost 5%body fat. Nothing on the scale though but over the previous 4 months have dropped over 30 pounds.

    I am 5'5 135, I would like to get back to 119 which was pre broken ankle/foot weight and I was lean and muscular.

    My trainer has been pushing me which I appreciate her for and has helped me break my plateaus.

    By her recommendation and to reach my goal she has me starting a 4 week cycle of anavar ; 2 weeks 10 mg last 2 weeks 20 mg. Accompanied by l glutamine, milk thistle, super food multivitamin, taurine, acidophilus...I'm stopping all my other supplements until I am done w this cycle.

    I follow the body for life eating plan but she recommended upping my protein so I bought Isopure protein.

    Just wanted some feedback and any recommendations from people experienced with this. First time using anything like this.

    Thank you

    I am really using the anavar to try and harden and flatten my stomach which my trainer said would do the trick

  2. Never heard of a trainer recommend AAS like this, but I'm not sure if a dosage that low of anavar will make a much noticeable difference from my experience.... Subd for replies ....

  3. i say try some clen before var if ur lookin to shed some fat and then do var if needed. usually i see and hear girls doin 10-20mg for 6-8 weeks. but u need to start with 10mg

  4. I'll talk to her when we train Wednesday... thanks for the input

  5. Good for you for such good progress. Keep it up. From the research I've done, Anavar is one of the lighter steroids, but the regular precautions still apply. Anavar will be part of my next cycle. I'll be interested to see how it works out for you. I currently bulking at the moment with Superdrol.

  6. I'm definitely starting tomorrow and my trainer actually started 2 days ago.. I'll keep posting but trying to keep off the scale or from measuring until I finish the cycle... hopefully I'll see results and won't have too many side effects

  7. So I have a week left on the anavar actually did body fat today I dropped 4% in 3 weeks...definitely lifting heavier and muscles are harder...starting a cycle of clen Monday to cut the rest of the fat...cycling 2 weeks on 2 weeks off and so on...I didn't lose on the scale but my lean body mass went up and fat went down...just wanna drop like 15 pounds...

    Hoping I can finish the cycle

  8. Good to know. I'm seriously considering Anavar with Trenazone for my next cycle. Got 6 weeks to go until I start, so still plenty of time for more research.

  9. I definitely feel like it helped ...I actually had better results than my trainer since I'm starting the clen Monday I'm just gonna take 10 mg for the next 10 days...I had 5 days left at 20... just hoping the clen will get me to my final goal ... the guy who got it his gf that trains lost 25 lbs in 2 weeks but couldn't do another cycle but I'm honestly not looking for that crazy of results just 10-15 but I wanna be able to keep it off


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