4AD oral capsule vs 4derm

  1. 4AD oral capsule vs 4derm

    I have been taking 750mg of 4AD via capsule, daily with my cycle. I am running out and just got some 4derm to take over. Does anyone know how much 4AD Actually gets into the system when it is taken orally vs how much gets into the system via 4derm or any other 4AD transdermal? And does anyone refrigerate their transdermals to store them?

  2. I believe its something like 30-40% with a transdermal, but not really sure.

  3. yeah and close to 10-15% with oral.

  4. I heard not to refridgerate as the substances may separae.

    I would start with ~250-300mg a day of dermal 4AD, that will = 750mg orally.

  5. Thanks guys. Appreciate the help!



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