keep your gains!

  1. keep your gains!

    There may be some good threads for this, but it is an important topic for discussion. Lots of people feel they will lose gains post-cycle or seem to be experiencing this. Please heed the sound advice of those who have learned how to keep 'em! There are good moves and bad ones, and there is no reason to lose that hard-earned muscle and strength. The best advice I've gotten was to keep cals high, but clean, so you don't gain fat. You need to feed that muscle. Eat carbs, but low GI, and plenty of protein. Get enough sleep. Drink lots of water, and for God's sake use proper PCT supps and liver care. Nolva or clomid are a must for heavy PH/PS cycles, and everything else follows. Lift heavy and intensely, using compound movements and keep workouts brief, don't overtrain. And don't try to cut at this time. What am I forgetting, guys?

  2. Very Well put. I agree. I think most people start to worry about some bloat that estrogen causes and instead of proper PCT to combat the bloat, while keeping a proper diet and not slacking to much in the gym during PCT, they panic and start cutting to trim back, I.E. lowering their caloric intake, changing their workout routine from strength training to cutting with more cardio and then the cycle was futile in some ways. If you PCT properly you will trim back and keep most of your gains.

  3. A quick addition: Most new androgen users mistake either A) aromitization bloat or B) glycogen supercompensation, as "gains" thus when they lose those "four" pounds they gained on cycle, they get pissed. In actuality, many had only gained water and had not eaten enough cals on cycle to actually gain.

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