my m drol cycle- how does it look

  1. my m drol cycle- how does it look

    whats up guys first post bit of background

    im 22 been training 2 years, have a really good base but feel like giving mdrol a try, bit nervous as from what ive read it really is a potent product,

    days 1-7

    pre load with milk thistle and cycle asisst

    days 7-14

    10 mg m drol
    cycle assist
    supercissus rx
    fish oils

    days 14 - 21

    20mg m drol
    + all assist products

    day 21-28

    maybe bump the mdrol to 30mg im quite cautious about this though due to it being my first cycle more then likely keep it to 20mg add to all the assist products


    supercissus rx
    cycle support?
    kre alklyn
    no explode

    i have read it might be worth stacking clomid with nolva however not to sure of a realiable site to get it if anyone fancies pming me one?

    any thoughts or anyone feel i could add anything else?

    btw i havent purchased anything as of yet, would rather get it all at once and knowing i have every real base covered

  2. Id give it a feel. Youll know how you feel on it after about a week or so. If you bump it up to say 30 and get the "sides" then bring it back down. Just pay attention and listen to your body.



  3. Preload some hawthorne berry for 2 weeks,. that should help keep BP down,.. then if you bump to 30mgs, you will tolerate it better.
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  4. the only thing im slightly worried about is the loss of sex drive, seen a lot of this in threads might try a milder ph

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