Preparing for PFT

  1. Preparing for PFT

    I'm taking a Navy Physical Fitness Test in a few months, and i'm wondering what PH would help me out the most. This will be my first cycle, but i'm wary of the standard beginner cycle, because i'm not interested in gaining mass. I just want something that will help me improve my pushups, pullups, situps, and even running. Would Methyldienolone be good for this? My next question is how much i should take (165 lbs.), and how long it will take this stuff to get out my system (i don't want it to show up on a urine test if they happen to check for steroids.) Thanks y'all.

  2. tests that check for steroids in your blood are really expensive i've heard and I don't think anyone on this board has access to these tests. A few players like supersoldier do bloodwork but not to check if the hormone is in the blood.. And I haven't seen any reports on how long the hormone is detectable in the blood. Sorry if I wasn't any help man but I don't know if the information is out there right now.

  3. eh, if detection is the least of your worries, M5AA would probably be your best bet as it doesnt put on much, if any, muscle mass to keep flexibility high (important for this test?) but does help in strength gains and mental focus. I've taken 20-30 mg pre workout usually 1:15 before and I've noticed some crazy strength gains. I'm sitting at around 210lbs so 20mgs pre-wo at 165lb should be good.

  4. I'm in the Marine Corps brudda and the piss test they give us doesn't test for steroids. Even if you blow up 30lbs in a month, they're not going to test you unless you start snapping on fools while having nose bleeds and ****. Besides, prohormones are legal, for now, so it wouldn't matter anyway. Even if they did test you for some strange reason, this **** is legal so tell em to **** off. To keep a peace of mind, keep all receipts of what you buy and show it to them if some **** happens.

    Anywho, most of these substances have been experimented for size and strength increases, not endurance. The only guy that might have an idea with this would be "sifu" because he does a bunch of kung-fu ninja **** all day and he would know how the endurance part is affected.

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