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    Are there any? Dazed has come under a little heat for a while due to non recieved shipments and non replys to customers.
    Its rumored that he is closing up shop.

  2. I heard he's running behind (about a week) and has alot of irons, between school and biz; don't have any way to verify, but last order I had info on was a Feb 2nd order that was rec'd Feb 12th.

  3. I guess some news is bound to pop up. The lastest message on his board was 2/17 and the guy said it has been a month. I will just wait until I hear some positive feedback.

  4. Researchkits carries conversion kits.

  5. they have syno kits at universalkitsplus dot com

  6. I was looking for 4AD "ready to go" like Dazed products.

  7. You mean like the stuff at designersupps dot com? Or a kit to make your own?

  8. I meant the ready to inj version. Not the oral.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by champster
    I meant the ready to inj version. Not the oral.
    Designer supplements has the ready to inject 4-AD products with prop, cyp, or blended esters. You can buy direct from sledge or buy from Powernutrition.net


  10. Dazed makes great stuff but with his delays and DesignerSupps quality and prices and prompt shipping, I have to recommend Designer from now on.

  11. I'll check Designer out.

  12. Designer actually comes out cheaper per ml. I was tripping at first when I saw the price.

  13. You get almost twice the amount of 1-Test Cyp as you do with Dazed for almost the same price.


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