Nolva? When to start

  1. Nolva? When to start

    This will be the first time I have used Nolva and I was hoping that someone could help with a couple questions. I already researched, I just want to make sure I am right.

    I take 2ml ed for the 1st week and then take 1ml ed for 2 weeks. (nolva from PN) Start taking nolva day after last dose of M1T.

    Also plan to run 6OXO for the last 14days w/nolva

    Does this sound right?

  2. How much and for how long do you plan on running M1T? Unless you're running high doses and/or long cycles, you prolly won't need to do both. Either 6OXO or Nolva should be sufficient.

  3. In a nut shell yes. How long was your m1t cycle? If your Nolva is 20mg/mL then yes 2mL/day for the first week then 1mL/day for the next two. You don't really need to use the 6oxo but I guess it couldn't hurt and I'm sure you want to use it up.

  4. I started with 4wks of Sauce 1-T HD @400mg ed and I went directly into 3wks of M1T @ 20mg ed. I just started the M1T today. I think I am going to add some 4ad for the last 14 days. Just want to make sure that I do this right. Thanks.

  5. If you are going to add 6-oxo to your PCT, add it at the beginning of the PCT when tect levels are lowest & need the most boost. I have used 40mg Nolva with 300mg 6-oxo & I recovered much faster than nolva alone.



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