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  1. 5/5

    I was taking a Stim break and decided to try out the Stim Free Version of Conqu3r Unleashed Strawberry Kiwi Flavour. Besides the obvious advantageous ingredient profile and everything being properly dosed. I love the added adaptogens to help further reset ones adrenal glands and restore overall homeostasis.

    The pumps are beyond unreal. I am a sadist and take it on my leg days, I also end up having to sit on the bench to not reveal the mushroom cap that had grew from 20 rep squats and blood pooling in the nether region. I also leave the gym looking 1.5x bigger and the pump lasts for a few hours afterward.

    I find if you shake it before dosing the flavoring blends into the herbs and I actually don't mind the herby undertones that go along with the sweetness of Strawberry Kiwi, I have this feeling of a viking drinking from a horn to please Odin after I've sipped it.

    The clean energy and focus is quite different from a stim, it almost makes me feel glued into the matrix and I have a very clear mind muscle connection as opposed to some stim supplements that cause my heart to pound out of my chest and cause me to do a lot more reps and exercises to just get rid of the energy that they give.

    I've also noticed quite the strength and endurance increase. I've been able to burst through some plateaus and hit some pr's. As well as control my breathing better and do longer burn sets and more reps with more weight.

    I have to say I don't really see the need to go back to stims as I am seeing a lot of positive progress with the stim-free version, but who am I kidding I'll have a bottle of both in the cupboard and go with how I feel on certain days. I'd say give it a try to help reset or just to mix things up. Definitely a staple in my natty regime.
  2. 2/5

    I have to say that I was really disappointed with this supplement, usually OL does a great job and based on the label this pre wo was GREAT too, but, don't know if that was just me, I didn't feel anything, no pumps, nothing at all, also flavour is...... not great, almost clear. Only thing I have noticed is GI issues after 20 minutes I was taking this, I did try taking it at empty stomach, after pre wo meal, 1h before, 30 min before, I tested this in all way but still same results, no pumps and GI issues. Sorry, hope this will work for you.
  3. 4/5

    Decent ingredients in decent dosages. Quad threat matrix including special blends to increase Endurance, Pump, Focus and Adaptation/Feel of the product.
    4-g of L-Citrulline, 2g of HydroMax and 1g of Agmatine ensures a nice swelling and pump effect. Citrulline to increase nitric oxide and dilate blood vessels, HydroMax to pull water into the muscles and Agmatine to fill them with glycogen. Nothing skin tearing or painful, just a nice, pumped and solid.
    1g of ALCAR and 250mg ALPHA GPC provides a good focus. Not exactly a laser focus but a very good self-focussed sense. I don't feel like other people are watching me, I'm not as self conscious and I don't get distracted when the gym gets rammed. Which is a really handy feature and you can get in a proper workout when you get caught out and end up having to go during the busier times of the day.

    This is a stim-free pre-workout so I wasnít expecting any increase in energy or anything kick-ass from this. It does help to keep you going though, so despite itís lack of stims the endurance matrix seems to be effective.

    Iíve had the Strawberry+Kiwi flavour and although it tastes like neither it does have a nice fruity flavour. Itís not the best mixing pre-workout Iíve tried and there is a fair amount of sediment towards the end but very easy to drink non the less. I can happily just drink this as an actual drink, Iíve actually put 3 scoops into a 2L bottle of water and drank it throughout my day at work.

    I got 4 tubs for £60 ($84)/£15 ($21) per tub, which is an absolute bargain! Itís usually around the £30 ($41) mark. But even then itís still a great price, especially considering the quality and quantities of the ingredients. Iíd usually see and expect a much higher price tag.

    Overall a very nice and easy pre-workout with a good pump and focus effect. Nothing harsh or distractingly stimmed, just a pleasant feel pre-workout.

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