Ergonine (30 servings)
Ergonine (30 servings)



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Ergonine (30 servings)

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  1. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
    Driven2lift's Avatar


    Athletix set out to bring value to their customers and succeeded. I cant match the price of the ingredients buying bulk powders.
    One scoop a day in delicious flavours and I get all of the proven "staple" ingredients that help build lean mass, increase muscle fullness, improve athletic performance, and speed up recovery.
    9 ergogenic and myogenic ingredients are in my shaker right now, so I'm sipping on a Nanaberry smoothie improving my body.

    A++ for bringing the best ingredients of bodybuilding into one supplement, improving their effects with synergistic ingredients, and offering it for $1 per day

    Nanaberry is my favourite but both flavours are fantastic. Best rendition of a banana flavour I have ever tasted in a supplement.

  2. nice. i passed up the insider.
  3. 5/5

    Got my two tubs on the insider release of Ergonine, seeing the profile i knew right away i would never have to buy multiple products to get all the proven ergogens i enjoy using year round on a daily basis for performance, with them all being dosed properly in an all in one product, which is something i have wanted for a while now but nothing really like this. after trying both flavors i knew in an instant Nanaberry will be my go to, the smell of it after opening the tub then having my first scoop reminded me of extra chewing gum, classic bubble gum flavor with a hit of bananna. i honestly rate it as one of the best flavours of any pre workout / supplement (outside of protein) i have had. the blue ice was alright, but i was expecting it to be more like high volume's blue frost, overall not bad but when i order again i will be doing all out Nanaberry :) as for performance, i had acute endruance right off the bat, my first workout i had with it was legs which i ended up going balls to the walls and being in a calorie defict it's allot harder to perform that kind of volume without getting tired and gassed, but i trained like an animal and left still feeling like i could keep going 30-35 sets for quads and hams then extra work for calves and abs, you know it's time to head home haha. but that's what i love, the feeling of being able to train until the cows come home! soild 10/10 on flavor, performance and profile.
  4. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
    The Solution's Avatar


    Blue Ice This was a very underwhelming Blue Raspberry type of flavor. I mixed this in about 12oz of water and it was a small burst of flavor which had a very long lasting after taste where most of the flavor really came into effect. This was very light and refreshing and not something to blow anyone away which someone will prefer. Some people love flavor, this is on the lighter side but still something that was nice and had a good punch in the after taste.

    Nanaberry - A very unique blend of Strawberry and Banana. I found this much more prominent as far as flavor goes and really was the favorite out of the two flavors I got to sample. At first you get a huge rush of strawberry and a lingering effect of banana. I would say the berry over powers the banana to a 60/40 ratio but it is a perfect compliment and a flavor that is not seen on the market. The uniqueness of the flavor really hit my taste buds and left a very impressive impression.

    As you can see a well-rounded performance/endurance based product. Adequate amounts of betaine, creatine, LCLT, and HICA are involved in Ergonine. Most people will take this pre-workout to help shuttle these ingredients into their system for a high performance training session. There is also forms of Hydromax (Glycerol) which aids pulling water into the cells and amplifying pump. Asafoetida Extract has been studied and has shown an increase in performance easily 30 minutes into a session.
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  5. 5/5

    I have been using it for the past week and here's what I feel I've noticed:

    Lots of ingredients in Ergonine that I've forgot which ones are exactly in it, but the ones that definitely stand out to me are the Betaine (I normally don't use this cause I'm too lazy to mix tons of ingredients together) and the HICA (which I assume is responsible for what I'm feeling). Better recovery, better endurance, better pumps, and more explosiveness. I love this stuff.

    Oh, and Nanaberry tastes amazing. I normally prefer Vanilla for Proteins, and Orange for anything else, but this I feel is the one time I can go with something else that isn't Orange. I can finally drink bulk ingredients without feeling like I have to hurl.
  6. 5/5

    I would easily give this product a 5/5 strictly for convenience. I no longer have to spend 20 minutes mixing supplement cocktails to meet my requirements. One scoop, a quick shake, and 90% of my supp needs are covered.

    Taste 5/5

    I am not normally a fan of anything banana or strawberry flavoured but this Nanaberry flavour is kick ass. The Blue Ice flavour is phenomenal too.

    Mixability 4.75/5

    Almost a perfect mix every time. Better than 99% of the supps out there.

    Content 5/5

    The content of E9 is first rate. All of the supps were designed to work together for maximum ergogenic effect. All of the staples of a body builder's supplement plan and more.

    Value 5.5/5

    At $1/day regular price this is a steal. With the insider deal, I feel like I just ripped off Athletix. I couldn't buy all of these supps in bulk and mix my own for anywhere near this price. Factor in the amount of time I save and this product is a no brainer.

    Overall this is the best supplement I have seen hit the market in quite some time. Well developed, well researched, well done. I have recommended E9 to all of my workout buddies and shared quite a few scoops. I have also subsequently had to place more orders as they are now hooked as well.
  7. 5/5

    The ingredient profile for the price of this product is ridiculous. In my opinion this should be a staple for most of us who train hard and are dedicated. The taste of the Nanaberry is great. It essentially just takes like candy. It can be used synergistically with so many other supplements.
  8. 5/5

    I noticed better recovery almost immediately with this product. I have been using it for the past 3-weeks and am digging the recovery aspects. I noticed that after a grueling squat session or long day of skiing I am not nearly as sore an tight the next day and my workouts the next day seem to be much better the next day compared to the past. I don't know if it has anything to do with Ergonine but I am also finding that I sleep better at night since I started using this product. Not so much falling asleep, but staying asleep and waking up feeling better.
  9. 5/5

    I've been using Ergonine for about 6 weeks, so I thought I'd give you the opinion of a 52 year old non body builder. The biggest things I've noticed is increased endurance and quicker recovery. I've also managed to gain some muscle mass, which I am very happy about. Taste is a subjective thing, but I really like Blue Ice over Nanaberry. I've tried a lot of supplements over the past 8 years trying to regain my youth, but many were just a fad. Ergonine is the one supplement I never see myself not having on hand. Went back home for Easter and saw some family members I hadn't seen since Christmas. It's pretty awesome having people mention how pumped you look and ask if you spend all your time in the gym! Thanks Athletix for delivering a superior product that actually works as advertised!
  10. 5/5

    I purchased 6 tubs of this which also included my choice of a free Analyzed Supplent product for each tub. That in itself was an awesome value. Thank you for that promo btw.

    I have been using for 30 days now and am enjoying increased endurance and improved recovery.
    Taste: 5/5
    I chose Nanaberry and I love it. It sweet but not overpowering. It is smooth and causes no acidic feeling in the stomach like a lot of supplement blends.
    Mixes quickly and easily every time. Doesn't leave hardly any particles that need rinsed and chased.
    Value: 5/5
    1 dollar per serving for 9 staple supplements to take year round is awesome. Also if purchased w/ free supplement combo the value is a steal.

    Overall: great value/great taste/ easy on the stomach/ rounds out just about any supplementation and diet plan.

  11. I've been using e9 just over 3 months now

    Taste,mixability, value, profile, effectiveness are all 5/5

    With 9 of the biggest and best staples I believe it's truly a must have for everyone! The tastes for both blue ice and nanaberry are both pleasantly sweet without being overwhelming. You'll get better pumps and insane recovery for well under a dollar a day at regular price (without and crazy promos, but athletix always has something that puts the value through the roof) oh and .99 shipping? This product is s must have

  12. I am on my 2nd tub of nanoberry and I noticed that it doesn't all mix up. There is always white powder on the bottom. It blends with water when mixed, but it will settle on bottom if you stop shaking cup. Does anybody know if my stomach will completely digest it? Is there any fear of kidney stones?

  13. I believe what you're seeing is the Creatine. Nothing to worry about.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by SFreed View Post
    I believe what you're seeing is the Creatine. Nothing to worry about.
    Thanks for reply. Strange...I use Beast Creatine and it mixes up much better. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining.
  15. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
    Driven2lift's Avatar

    Zero health concern, any solution will settle if left alone too long. If it does so quickly use more water.
    PEScience Representative; Use the code Driven for 30% off at

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Driven2lift View Post
    Zero health concern, any solution will settle if left alone too long. If it does so quickly use more water.
    Wonderful, thank you. I just purchased couple more tubs
  17. 5/5

    This is far an away the best all-inclusive product on the market. The doses are correct and the ingredients are proven. It should be a daily staple for any serious lifter.

    Flavors are amazing as well. Very strong but enjoyable. Also great to mix and match. Unflavored is also perfect for times when you need a little break.
  18. 5/5

    With an ingredient profile like Ergonine's I was impressed. Great way to get many nutrients in one convenient mix.

    Tastes great (nanaberry) and no clumping or anything

    Noticed increased endurance,strength, and lactic acid buffering with Ergonine.

    Cost is on point. Way cheaper and more convenient than getting everything separate.

    Had slight stomach issues the first time used but none thereafter.

    Almost a staple for me.
  19. 5/5

    Awesome product.
    Good price, perfect doses of all ingredients, and all of the ingredients work and are supported by solid data.
    This is a supplement masterpiece.
  20. First Day results


    After reading all of the rave reviews, I ordered a tub of Nanaberry even though I'm usually a "blue" flavor guy. It's outstanding. I'm used to supplements tasting "less bad" instead of "good". I actually like this!

    The product arrived on Wednesday, too late for me to crack it open because of work and family Stuff. I had my first dose on Thursday morning, not working out until Friday morning. Because our office is moving, I didn't have access to my normal Pre- and Intra-workout drink and was not looking forward to heavy squats. Usually finishing the workout without my previous crutch would have involved a lot of willpower. I went straight to the gym expecting to miss a lot of my lifts.

    Nope, I finished strong. Remember, this is after one dose 24 hours previous. I'm excited like a kid at Christmas time to see how it develops over time. And the price can't be beat.

  21. Delete
  22. 5/5

    Cost: couldn't ask for a better price for all that's included in this product! I've seen just creatine for the price of all 9 great ingredients!

    Performance: I feel like this helps fuel my performance endurance and recovery time

    Dosing: right now I'm taking this about every other day. ( mainly training days) because I want to make it last while low on money lol..

    Taste: both blue ice and nana berry are excellent flavors, Not too strong but enough to satisfy your taste buds that's for sure!

    Overall: I would highly recommend this product! It has proven ingredients and great taste, what else could you ask for in a product!?

    PES / Athletix is one company where they're marketing dosnt lie to it's consumer, they will always deliver what they claim!
  23. 5/5

    I'm a little late in reviewing this fine product but here it goes:

    Cost: Fantastic. This company takes the guesswork from the consumer having to buy the all star ingredients separately. If you bought each of the ingredients alone, then you would not only spend more money overall but you would have to mix each ingredient and who has time for that?

    Taste: I ordered the Nanaberry and fell in love. Not too sweet, bland or gritty.

    Mixability: After a couple of shakes, the powder was dispersed evenly without residue

    Performance: While I was using this product, I was able to extend my workouts and felt my recovery period was decreased. In fact, I was able to throw in a couple of two a days without any ill effects. I was concerned about the scale weighing "more" but the one of the reps assured me that I was retaining water. Good looking out to the company reps.

    Dosing: On my training days, I used one scoop. On my off days, I used about half a scoop mixed with some BCAA's

    Overall: If you are looking to save some money while increasing your gains, then look no further. This company hit it out of the park
  24. 5/5

    I finally caved and got some e9 - but this stuff is fantastic - I can't say much that others haven't - I am using the nanaberry - its got everything you need all in one handy - crazy cost effective jug. I've noticed the benefits and you can actually feel a good sense of recovery on this with all the synergistic ingredients. Thank you for making such an amazing product!


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