Nolvadren-XT (56 Capsules)
Nolvadren-XT (56 Capsules)



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Nolvadren-XT (56 Capsules)

  1. 5/5

    Started taking this 3 weeks ago stand alone and working on a recomp. I have been eating clean but with holidays I have had my bad days! So far my wieght has stayed the same, but I clearly have lost fat! Much more vascular and this solid feeling that has kicked in the last few days is great! I feel good all day long, I have tried allot of products over the years, and I am a big fan of PES, but this stuff is making gains that I can really see! I will be runnig this agian with ther PR-XT, cant wait!

  2. Also forgot to mention, this stuff gives great pumps in the gym! It did take around 2 weeks for it to really kick in, but once it does youll know it! I highly recomend this product.

  3. Cool. I've got an order on the way--me thinks today--and I'm planning on running it for 8 weeks. How long did you use yours? Did you stack with any other MAN products? I'm planning on doing the MAN-up stack of this and Prometheus Rising.

  4. I just finished this first bottle and have another one on the way! Going to stack it with DAA powder this run, and this will also take me to 8 weeks! I have been eating clean too, you can really tell as far as looking more cut and solid. I like this stuff

  5. I just got my 8-week setup last night. Stoked to get it rolling this coming week.
  6. 4/5

    I used a bottle of Nolvadren XT for my last pct. I had a stash of Erase Pro left but since I had this bottle, and the AI is the same, I took a break from the EP to use this instead.

    The product worked exactly as I expected it to.
    I had no estrogen rebound from coming off of cycle thanks to the immediate effects of the AI.
    I had no noticeable dip in libido.
    The size of my "guys" was restored within two weeks of use.
    By week 3 the vascularity that went away from coming off cycle came back, and I noticed some excess water shedding and looked "harder" in the mirror.
    I held onto strength gains no problem, only losing maybe 10 pounds off my major lifts.
    I lost some weight in pct, but that can and should be attributed to water shedding from the potency of this product, which in the pursuit of a better looking body is always a welcome benefit.
    My joints did get a little sore but that was countered with some fish oil.
    Overall this product did exactly what I needed.
  7. 5/5

    This is the first AI that I have taken, and I a hooked. I really didn't know what to expect from this product at all.
    What I got was
    1. Muscle Hardening
    2. Muscle fullness
    3. Super pump
    4. Feeling jacked all day long
    5. Super pump after the very first set.

    I will definitely be using Nolvadren XT again, it will be a regular staple. I have an epic bulk planned in just over a month, and this will be present and accounted for.

    Give it a try, I assure you tha you will not be dissappointed.
  8. 5/5

    It was/is an amazing product. Below I will list the pros/cons
    -Extreme fullness/muscle hardness
    Weight gain-3lbs apx
    libido increase
    alpha feeling
    more intense workouts
    Possibly dry joints but nothing too much at all. a simple joint supp will easily combat this

    I dosed 2 caps at night and it was great. As long as you take it around the same time every day you will be fine. I started to notice real effects about a week in. So don't lose hope if effects aren't immediate; when they come... you will know.

    Overall I will give nolvadrenxt a 9 out of 10. great job MAN and this was a great logging opportunity. This will easily compete with similar products without a doubt.

  9. Had two of my best workouts in several months while on NXT. Diet was not the best and I was stressed out over the 30 days but I feel like NXT saved me. Was still able to lean out & vascularity was at an all time high! I loved the muscle fullness and sleep was definitely improved. Libido was up slightly but peaked after about 20 days. Motivation and alpha feeling peaked after about 15 days. Set 3 PR's during my run. No joint issues at all during the log.

    Bottom line --- I'll be using this again in the Summer... But I'll be combing it with a better diet!!!

  10. thanks for all the positive reviews guys
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  11. 5/5

    1st AI Ive used. I have experience with PH, TRT and T-Bossters.

    Muscle hardened up
    Got way more vascular
    Fat around my pecs started to disappear

    Joints hurt like hell even though i was on Fish Oils and Joint Supplements

    Value - 5/5

    I caught it on sale at Nutraplanet fro $28.95 for the full bottle.
    And got 6 full weeks from the bottle. Not bad at all.

    Overall 5/5

    Took 1 pill per day for 2 weeks, then up to 2 pills per day for 2 weeks
    then had to back it down to 1 pill per day for the last 2 weeks
    because my joints couldn't take it despite all the support sups
    i was running. Would run it again in the future.
  12. 3/5

    I have used AI in the past(PES erase pro 1 cycle) with descent results , but because i had stacked it with other natty supplements
    i wasn't really sure about which positive effects where contributed by the AI , so this time i decided to try a different natty AI solo
    and well .. share my results.. :)

    Ingredient profile: 3/5
    Cortisol control matrix is underdosed

    Dosing: 5/5
    Two tiny capsules with your first meal..

    Effectiveness : 5/5

    Increased metabolism:
    My maintenance calories are pretty high(around 4.000) , and while taking this product i noticed a leaning effect right from the first week ,
    even days that i was exceeding my maintenance calories(Close to 6k).

    Vascularity / Drying effect:
    I'm at a high bodyfat(around 25%) but my arms/calves are always vascular.
    While taking this product i noticed an increased vascularity especially in the forearms...I felt like i was going to explode :)

    I'm always aggressive in the gym(just in the gym :P) and while taking this product i noticed that i was more aggressive & my temper
    was higher than usual(nothing out of control though)

    Strength : 0/5
    Had no noticeable strength increase while taking this product .... but maybe its because of my trainning style(heavy sets , slow & controlled reps)

    Endurance : 0/5
    This product didn't aid in endurance

    Recovery : 0/5
    This product didn't aid in recovery

    Overall :
    Statistically if we ignore strength/endurance/recovery it gets 4.33`` / 5
    Statistically if we count strength/endurance/recovery it gets 2.16 ` / 5

    So my honest rating would be 3.245 ( (4.33+2.16 )/2)=>3.245 ).

    Side effects:
    *Low libido (i was expecting this anyway)
    *Dry joints (no pain though)
    *Edit : Forgot to add the most important : Blurred vision after the second week (for like 60min after dosage)

  13. hi guys my brother starts cutting ... i bought for him a strong thermogenic fat burner with ephedra leaves , methyl synephrine and yohimbine ... can he stack this fat burner with nolvadren xt for a 2 months full cycle????? or its to dangerous....


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