Phenadrine (60 Capsules)
Phenadrine (60 Capsules)



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Phenadrine (60 Capsules)

  1. 4/5

    Edit Note: admin can you update the thread to Phenadrine V2. I believe they changed up the ingredient profile from a few years back.
    Final review for V2:
    It was a good run. It definitely helped with maintaining my weight with some cheat meals on the weekends. The energy is very clean. I might plan on running this again sometime in July for my Cancun vacation. Stacks well with pump products. I used Chaos & Pains Permaswole.

    Things to note:
    -You reach dmaa tolerance very quickly. About 1 week and the pills won't feel like they did again. You will quickly be on 3 pills a day.
    -take a few consecutive days off. I did about 1-2 days just to help me get a kick again on Mondays.
    -i would crash slightly about 5-6 hrs after taking, but it isn't bad.

    Overall awesome product and way better than any other stim fat burner I have tried.
    I did a brief intial, mid, and final here:

  2. V2 is terrible if you ask me. Why the change i have no clue. Hope they revert back to V1

  3. I tried a few months back, it was ok but not one id use again. I find these different amounts of the PEA blends in HTP various products and brands play a role in whether I like the product.. They can have an odd effect for me. This stuff gave a quick boost but the over all energy and mood optimization were not to the degree I like.

  4. Version one of phendarine was one par with mesomorph if not stronger the fat loss was insane. Iam currently searching for an alternative fat burner. I stay clear of synephrine, Green tea and yohimbine so HTP products don't really appeal to me.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by slk28 View Post
    V2 is terrible if you ask me. Why the change i have no clue. Hope they revert back to V1
    Not familiar with V1, but V2 does very little for me...could not feel anything significant at all. This product would have to be dosed at 2 caps TID to really feel it. Much better off with a different product IMO..


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