CRE 02 (90 EC-Tabs)
CRE 02 (90 EC-Tabs)


Millennium Sport Technologies

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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars, based on 3 total reviews.
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CRE 02 (90 EC-Tabs)

  1. 5/5

    I have used this supplement repeatedly, on and off, over the last 5 years. I find that I perform best in the gym when using this product out of any other product I have used (non PH of course). I have had excellent results using the recommended dosage of 3 caps but I enjoy taking double dose because the strength gains I get on a caloric deficit is out of this world. There is never a dull moment in the gym, when I'm using this stuff. Even in a caloric deficit, I stay full all day. I feel good. It will forever remain a staple of mine, as long as it exists.

  2. Nice comprehensive review! Cre02 will always be a favorite of mine as well.
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative
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  3. Solid review. I forgot all about MST. I need to scoop some of this stuff up.
  4. 4/5

    great delivery overall great product .

  5. 5/5 used it while wrestling and weight training really helped explosiveness and strength logged it and loved it might get some more in the future i would totally recommend it!

  6. After years of lifting and trying countless creatine products, I can say that cre02 was the best Iíve tried. With typical creatines Iíve noticed nothing. But using cre02 helped my endurance and strength noticeably. My high rep sets on cre02 went like a breeze. My strength was maintained using cre02 shortly after coming off an aas cycle. Energy was great, and I found myself lifting longer than average. Iíd definitely recommend this over other creatines if your funds allow it.
  7. 3/5

    MST Cre02 Final Review


    The product states it can help people that notice bloating with other creatine products. I do not experience bloating or abnormal water retention with creatine. I cannot say I noticed holding onto less water, this seemed to be the same. However, if one does bloat, they may see/feel a difference.


    Strength went up, but they were strength gains I would have seen if I was using any other creatine product.


    I would say I did notice a slight boost in endurance. Some days I did a little cardio post workout and my pace was quicker without me purposely doing so. I also did notice better recovery between sets. Nothing dramatic, but definietly noticeable.


    If you are one that does not bloat from a standard creatine product, I would suggest to pass on this. You can get away with regular monohydrate for a fraction of the cost of this product. If you do bloat from other creatine products, it is worth a try, but I cannot say if you will or will not experience bloating. Although I did experience some positive side effects, they are not so profound where the cost of the product justifies the benefits. Not a bad product, but most people will not see a difference between this and their current creatine. 3/5

  8. Appreciate your reviews, guys! Hope to see you around for the next group of logging opportunities!
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative
    (50% off code "AMJAN50")


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