Primeval labs EAA Max- Strawberry Mango

  1. Primeval labs EAA Max- Strawberry Mango

    First of all thanks to @The Solution and Primeval Labs team !!

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    Profile : 5G of Bcaa's 820Mg of Essential Amino's along with Dextrin & D-ribrose

    Mixibility : 10/10 - As shown in the picture above, whether it was 10oz or 24oz mixed in water ...easily mixed with 5-10 shakes.

    1st mix of 10oz w/ Ice - Served cold as it gets is the way to go, I have been drinking a glass with my dinner.
    2nd mix of 20-24oz - It still was good of course lightly flavored but flavor that you still enjoy and can feel it.

    Taste : 10/10 - I knew this going in as to how good it would be and did not disappoint as i have tried the other flavor below but this one is my favorite but both i would rate it 10 out of 10 .. one thing about primeval labs flavoring is always on point. My first night i woke up in middle of night and made a shake and drank half and slept and rest when i wake up.

    Forumla/Profile : 7/10 - I love Bcaa/Eaa drinks as they keep me from stop drinking junk soda and juices, I woulda loved to see more Eaa's in a product but seems like most co have found a sweet spot of close to 1G of eaa's.

    Intra-workout : Not really made for it, even though i believe they threw in D-ribose & Dextrin to help a little but for me 1 or 2 scoops didnt do much .. imo far better options out there, If thats what your looking for i would go with Primeval Labs Intracell7.

    For me best use is to drink when your craving for sugary drink, Night time before bed or First thing when you wake up ( Which is what i am doing ). I believe Jerry Ward introduced this when he was with Primeval labs and he explained keeping the body in anabolic vs catabolic state with amino's .. suggested drinking before bedtime, If you wake up in middle of night take a sip and first thing in morning.

    Price : 9/10 - These can be found for $20/pop, I actually grabbed 2 tubs of cheery lemonde on Black friday deals for 2 for $36 .. Which i think is a good price for this product, I wouldn't pay $30+ for this .. I hope to see primeval labs do maybe a 60 or 90 serving tub to bring the cost down to customers for $.50/serving.

    Overall : 9/10 - Again dont grab this thinking it will push your workouts to the next limit, Bcaa's are always good to take during workout alone so def will help but i believe they made this product to enjoy and to get extra nutrients in a tasty way.
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    Appreciate the review. Great detail, and yes the deals were great over last weekend.
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