Training while on cycle?

  1. Training while on cycle?

    How does training on cycle change? What program/split do you follow? Do you favor volume vs intensity, or increase both due to the reduced recovery time?
    Im starting my first cycle in a few weeks (epi and possibly test e) and i was wondering wjat changes could i make to take full advantage of the benefits the cycle has to offer.

    Im currently cutting, and i use a bastardised program consistinf of Push Pull Legs (although i have 2 leg workouts within the same week) and sheiko's deadlift emphasis powerlifting program. I do that because all programs i've tried do help with strength a lot (ive run candito's 6 week linear pl program and texas version), but they all have way too little accessory work, too little hypertrophy and im going for a physique between strength and bodybuilding.
    Do you guys have any programs or templates to suggest?

  2. Depends on what I am trying to do, if cutting I add more volume if for mass or strength I add more weight quicker than normal and keep the reps low and the sets between 4-6.

    For cuting you could use Jim Stoppannis short cut to shred, that works really well or some kind of FST-7 program

  3. My DOMS goes away/reduces on cycle but I donít recover markedly better on cycle. Joints actually get worked harder as your weights or volume goes up. Most guys cannot handle any extra relative intensity just because of drugs. Often I train less frequently if anything because frequency is not as critical due to the extended protein synthesis periods on drugs.

    Donít train more - if anything emphasize sleep and nutrition to take advantage of the cycle. Nutrition especially.
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