Inzer lever vs single prong?

  1. Inzer lever vs single prong?

    I am trying to decide between the inzer lever or single prong but am wondering if the excess leather that is tucked inside the lever belt causes any pinching/discomfort?

  2. I don’t notice any discomfort but I may have briefly when I first got mine. I love that I can flip the ‘switch’ for tightening and un-tightening. The only downside is having to unscrew and fit the belt when I change to deadlifts because I place the belt in a different spot. Even then, it’s still just a few seconds
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  3. yea I was leaning towards the lever for the ease of tightening and loosening between sets, just wasn't sure if the excess leather caused any discomfort. Thanks for the help!

  4. I agree with Reg. I like my lever a lot. Its just way easier to deal with.
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  5. I personally have both but I actually prefer to use the single prong, I just like how it feels to mentally lock in and it's more old school idk. But for training in general I just use the lever belt. And no i've never had any issues with pinching.

  6. My lever belt does pinch me occassionally, but reminds me that I can stand to lose a few pounds. I prefer my lever over my single prong because when properly adjusted, the lever belt is much easier to put on and remove. With my single prong, I find myself relying on pulling it against some equipment to get a tight fit and to get off.


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