Tribulus ****ed me

  1. Tribulus ****ed me

    Hey guys 6 foot 10 percent body fat 200 pounds 10 years lifting experience and a couple of cycles done successfully...I recently took tribulus as a little cycle I take it to help me cut along with clen i like it I've ran it twice before with good results ....this time around I ran it and 3 weeks in I got gyno and felt god awful so I got my bloods done and had low e and low test so I ran a clomid cycle along with aromasin and nolva bloods 4 weeks after and test is back to normal for me but now the gyno has popped back up for no reason I'm confused on how I got gyno from trib and why I estro rebound now i can take arimastane aromasin nolva or clomid thats what I have but I'm not sure what route to go aromasin is hard on my joints ari.astane is ok but messes with the cortisol levels and I have a rebound from that as well I could low dose nolva for a week idk what route to go and I don't get why this gyno from trib originally even popped up's not prolactin that's low estrogen was low after the pct now it's back with gyno symptoms

  2. Tribulus ****ed me

    I'm somewhat in the same boat. Ran ostarine for less than a week back in October and my causes gyno. Had bloods done and my test was on the low end of the normal rang and estrogen was normal.

    Since then both laxogenin and vitamin d3 have caused it to flare up. I'm wondering it is progesterone related. This may be the same for you. My knowledge on progesterone is very small, but it doesn't seem to be an estrogen issue for me anyway.

  3. I'm not too familiar with ostarine ...but I would think the tribulus wouldn't really affect my progesterone but it may have i know it affects female progesterone alot more ...for you i would deff test prolactin and progesterone

  4. Nothing guys ?

  5. well its strange to have a gyno flair up from it mostly responsible for LH production and that's very mild at best.. however... you could have suppressed it unnaturally.. which lead me to this, while search LH metabolism..

    Diminished secretion of LH can result in failure of gonadal function (hypogonadism). This condition is typically manifest in males as failure in production of normal numbers of sperm. In females, amenorrhea is commonly observed. Conditions with very low LH secretions include:
    1.Pasqualini syndrome[26][27][28]
    2.Kallmann syndrome
    3.Hypothalamic suppression
    5.Eating disorder
    6.Female athlete triad
    9.Gonadal suppression therapy

    as you can see from this trivial list I found in a google search, #7 shows its can in fact play role on prolactin and progestin. I believe in your case it may be a good idea to see a DR. and have blood work done again. I presume your libido is low currently? if so that would also be a good indication of your system being out of whack..
    caber or prami would help bring it back into check but that too can have repercussions. its best to get this sorted by a professional imo.
    afterwards have a look at BLRs line up of products, we have very well received products that deliver great results.. I think we could have circumvented this with a well layed out supplement regimen
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  6. I get health care in 4 months and was trying to wait as I just spent a couple thousand on testing twice...I have low libido ...I was thinking that a I'm hypogandal from years of juice even tho. I'm only 29 and I've pcted every time correctly...or that it was prolactin involved...b6 at 300 to 600 mg I'm going to try today or p5p...but I've been trying to d figure out today will nolva block prolactin and will aromasin kill prolactin ...And should I just take nolva and see what happens my issue is I've been trying to stay on a natural path as of late bc I want to get away from all the crazy **** ...but by taking tribulus which I thought was harmless I some how threw all my hormones out of wack doctor doesn't know what's going on he thinks I should wait 30 days and not take a single thing which I have been trying but my nips are killing me!! And I'd like to get this **** taking done but I don't want to further throw my hormones out of wack I'm lost lol

  7. well a little anastrozol wouldn't hurt.. nolva I doubt is going to be much help unless your estrogen shot up so how since your bloods..

    this is why when I pct I always start my AI a few weeks in. and run it a few weeks after everything.
    of course this would include low dose clomid too to keep LH up.
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  8. Also thank you for the reply ...And so what was weird to me was at the first sign of gyno I took arimastane at 100 mg a day for 2 weeks and it did nothing ...which is at the road I'm at now

  9. So I know your not a doctor but I've been debating back and fourth what route I should take that's least harmful ...I can go aromasin 12.5 eod or nolva 10 mg a day or both I also have clomid lol I can also buy other supps too but it's a pain and takes like 14 days to ship ...everyoone uses bitcoin now which I don't have so I have to money gram it lol

  10. I would clomid and b6 ldopa and vitex if I had to do in a pinch.
    try to get a high % extract of the ldopa.
    I would also try to use the least amount of aromisin you can~
    this IS NOT MEDICAL advice.
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  11. Clomid 25 ed or eod or 50 mg ed or eod I'm taking 400 mg b6 I'll get vitex and ldopa never heard of them but I'll check em out ...And for how long 4 weeks or just u till sides go away about week 2 on clomid I get really emotional lol and it gets weird so I'll take it for 4 weeks but I won't enjoy it ...I don't enjoy the gyno either soo

  12. I would only use it 25 eod
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  13. How long? Idk if it matter how long bc I'm noting using it for test production or hpta function correct ? But I'm not 100 percent sure either


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