Sup3r PCT year round?

  1. Sup3r PCT year round?

    Is there any problem to use this year round in 12weeks on - 4 weeks off cycles??

    I ask this because some toxicity concerns at long term usage about fadogia and bulbine (i read the old threads of other forums and there is no clear conclusions at all).

    I know Kings Blood and Testyfy are better for this purpose, but i cant tolerate Ashwaghanda, it made me sleepy, tired and makes my thyroid crazy.


  2. Iím considering this as a stand alone supp soon,...I take it that you feel real gooood on it?

  3. I've read good things about the eblocker, so I think you could actually take it almost all year long. I still like to cycle off everything from time to time.

  4. Maybe they a five days on two days off cycling method. Still will probably need a break down the road, but could potentially run it longer this way.

    I personally wouldn't worry about the fadogia or Bulbine longterm, but I'm no expert.

    Could always try Sustain Alpha as a year around booster. Safe and affordable to run that long. Again, I prefer the 5/2 method here. Maybe along side some LJ100 and you'd be golden for the most part.
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  5. You want some bigs ball and strong erection year round your mother****er!!!!! I think a 8 week on 2 week off protocol could be acceptable



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