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    Olympus Labs Superior Mocha Mermaid Mocha Chocolate Review


    Mocha Cereal– Mocha is defined as a variant of coffee made of espresso and hot milk with added chocolate. Upon tasting the protein powder the coffee is present but faint. For those who are coffee lovers this may mark off a few points, but if you don’t care for coffee this will be pleasant. There is just enough chocolate and a ton of caramel to make this the correct correlating flavor. The little added krispies give this a nice texture and consistency when blended in a ninja to give it an enhanced sweetness. If you were to mix this in s regular shaker cup it would be like drinking the milk of General Mills Mocha Crunch Cereal.

    Mixing 1 scoop of Superior Protein in 6-8zo of Almond/Cashew milk leaves no residue or clumps. I always mix mine in a ninja blender, but I have seen others use just a shaker bottle with ease. I had a friend who reviewed the product by mixing in a glass with a spoon and had no issues besides the little cereal pieces in the batter. Overall the powder is on the thicker side due to the 50/50 blend of whey and casein.
    For those who like to mix protein into recipes and yogurt this is a fantastic protein to use. With the added casein the pudding-like consistency in greek yogurt is desirable. You may have to add a touch of water with greek yogurt as this does come out very thick. When used into recipes I found it did help the final product rise, but not to it’s full potential. Casein is thick and will be better used for binding agents like cheesecakes and bread/rice puddings. When making pancakes, muffins, brownies that require the product to peak a lighter protein (such as an isolate) will work best. Overall no issues as the flavor still shined when used to cook with.


    Per Scoop:
    ** This is the highest calorie protein powder of all the flavors currently **
    140 Calories
    23g Protein
    1.5g Fat
    7g Carbs
    ~13.7g Casein/WPC in a fully transparent label.

    Olympus Labs has also thrown in three patented ingredients to their protein formula.
    - Velositol at 2g has shown to improve MPS upward to 47% and lean muscle mass when combined with whey protein.
    - DigeZyme enzyme blend to help with digestion.
    - PharmaGABA dosed at 125mg. The GABA has shown in a study, that when combined with whey it can increase lean mass gains by 817% compared to taking whey protein alone.


    For an introduction sale the deals Natural Body have an offer include $5 off each tub when buying two, and $10 off each tub when buying five. You will use code “SUPER10”, which combined with the five pack, discounts Superior Protein down to as low as $27 per tub for the regular version.
    If you missed the NB Intro sale you can always use “GNO30” direct to get 30% off your purchase on any OL Supplement
    Overall for the unique ingredient profile and great taste this is a product that falls into the category of “You get what you pay for.” If you want a protein that has an edge over a saturated protein market this will be a product for you. I enjoyed OL’s flavoring on their protein even getting to beta-sample all their flavors before launch. This is also a protein that was ranked one of the best tasting blueberry and cereal flavored accorded to Stack3d.

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  3. Subbed. Picking up some gingy for the season and curious about what my 2nd tub should be...
    old enough to know better, too young to care

  4. I picked up a tub of Gingerbread in the muscle building version. The reviews I heard it was the most intriguing to me. Not a fan of super sweet flavors so the fruit loops turned me off. Also not a fan of coffee so no go on that flavor. The peanut butter cup sounded like not much excitement in the add in pieces so stayed away from that. Blueberry proteins have not been my preferred flavor nor is blueberry in general so also stayed away from that.

    Anyway so went with Gingerbread and made a shake with ice and fairlife skim milk. Of course making a shake this way makes the pieces in it obsolete so will try without blending next time to see how that is. Mixed very easily and was a nice thick shake like I like so I can eat with a spoon. Flavor was on point and unique compared to anything on the market. Glad to not have just another cinnamon flavored protein. The ginger stood out but was not overly strong to make it hard to enjoy. The flavor is backed by the cookie/dough/bread flavor. I'll see how it tastes to me after more uses.

    Would like to see the flavor line expand like some amazing cheesecake flavor or similar.

  5. I have been thinking about trying OL’s protein! I think you sold me on it!
    Thanks for the informative review!

  6. Please don’t forget to vote for us in the Protein Wars...
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  7. I just mixed the Gingerbread with some walnut milk at room temperature. Made it quite thick.
    Better than sex? Well no. But a close second
    Olympus Labs Forum Rep, R&D Team
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  8. I think Toucan Twist is the best flavor

  9. Can’t get that code to work...
    High Intensity Training log, wedding prep:

  10. Have Gingerbread and Chocolate PB on the way, both PharmaGABA edition. Will report back once I try them out!


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