No Time! Food Go! Go!

  1. No Time! Food Go! Go!

    Is it ok to eat this for in-between meal snacks?

    1 Can of Tuna
    1 Tbs. Low Fat Tarter Sauce
    1 Tsp. Mustard

    Mix and eat w/ Romaine Heart Lettuce

    I use the Romaine Heart Lettuce like a wrap or scoop.

    I really don't have much time to make meals. I'm always on the go. I'm trying to fix my metabolism and it is recommended to eat often smaller meals.

    Also, is there any fast food places that has something cheap and fast that I can pick up by drive thru?

  2. Yeah it isn't bad but adding some kind of carb isn't a bad thing either since you're on the go. Low fat whole wheat wraps can be stored easily enough...

    Subway, Quiznos are two places I go to when fast food is the option.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Jayhawkk
    Subway, Quiznos are two places I go to when fast food is the option.
    Those sound like full meals to me. Is a 6in ok for in-between meals? And im curious what do you order? Or better yet whats good to order (taste and lean)?

  4. Sweet onion chicken tarriyaki primarily. No cheese and light sauce. Extra chicken at times...Yeah, small 6in ones are perfectly fine.

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