Physical and bloods. Which ones?

  1. Physical and bloods. Which ones?

    Hello All,

    I've been meaning to schedule a general physical with my doctor. I turned 36 a month ago and I've never had a "general" physical done. Ya know, like the annual ones, etc...I figure now's probably a good time to start. I also want to ask for some specific bloods to be done, regardless of what he says I "should" get done. What, in all of your opinions, would be some of the most important ones? It can really be anything, as far as immune health, hormone levels, vitamin D? Now, unfortunately money IS an issue. Gotta love health care these days. I'm sure I'll get a "discount" through my provider, but I'll be responsible for paying off the rest. No 80/20 here...please keep that in mind as I'm willing to pay for some tests to get a good baseline for moving forward, but can't break the bank!

  2. Lipid profile, vitamin D3, ha1c, fasting glucose, liver enzymes, kidney function, thyroid will cover the important bases. Get other tests only if something is indicating that you should get it
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