What are some good habits for a healthy life?

Life is not a easy game. But we can make it right by following some good habits on a daily basis. Some of them, which I am trying to follow in my life, are listed below :-

  • Wake up at 6.00 AM and sleep at 10.00 PM
  • Once you are done with brushing your teeth, drink two glasses of water on empty stomach, this will cleanse inner parts of your body.
  • Go for a walk after you wake up, daily. A half an hour walk will be enough, this will let you experience the beauty of the surroundings you live in.
  • Try to click some early morning pictures of your surroundings, if you love photography.
  • After the walk, either you can do some yoga, go to gym, or do some exercise at home itself.
  • Have breakfast before 9.00 AM. Have a full breakfast, and moderate lunch, small dinner in a day.
  • Do not drink water while eating, you can have water either before half an hour or after half an hour of having food.
  • While eating, do not swallow food. Take time, chew the food and eat. This will help the digestion, and overall body. Mixing saliva with our food will help your body in many ways.
  • Never watch TV or talk while eating. This will let your brain concentrate only on eating.

Please, add more from your list.