Easy to consume carbs and leptin

  1. Easy to consume carbs and leptin

    Ok so I'm looking for easy-to-consume carb options which are also good for leptin.
    Why? Atm, I don't have much of an appetite usually. As I'm currently recomping and at about 9% bf, I'd like to change the bi-weekly refeed/cheat day in my schedule to a weekly 'lenient' refeed. At 9% bf and with my mental state in a decent place, I'm not obsessing over food.
    My maintenance is 2000-2200 so refeed day target is 2500. By 'lenient' refeed I'm talking something between 200p 256c 75f and 200p 200c 100f . Ideally, I'll consume more like 200p 313c 50f but here's my current issue.
    I've found that in order for me to hit 200gs of carbs in a day without consuming 100+gs of fat, and without force feeding myself bowls of pasta with tomato sauce or rice or noodles (plain, or with soy sauce, ramen style, you get the point) (these get real boring for me after a while), is to spend a large part of a day eating or preparing/buying food. In busier weeks I'd really rather not spend that time on food related matters, and sometimes I just can't. So I end up missing refeeds. I get the feeling that if friends who aren't into fitness saw me refeeding they might start thinking I'm bulimic. An ex-doctor did.

    So, I'm looking to add easy to consume carbs to a fulfilling approx 200p 150c 50f-75f day.
    I'm considering maltodextrin and dextrose but I'm not certain if drinking these at the end of a meal would help my leptin levels. In theory, if I've just had a solid meal, the drink afterwards would be directed to my stomach and so it'd be as if the nutrients in the drink were part of the meal. But then some folks say that liquids are 'empty calories'. I reason that that only applies to some standalone drinks. Notably soft drinks.
    What are your thoughts and/or experience?
    Could you recommend anything else or does anything else come to mind?

  2. Fruit springs to mind, berries in particular......

  3. If you're actually not hungry I would say your leptin is fine and don't worry about it so much. If your leptin was low you'd be very hungry and have a lot of cravings

  4. Quote Originally Posted by mkretz View Post
    If you're actually not hungry I would say your leptin is fine and don't worry about it so much. If your leptin was low you'd be very hungry and have a lot of cravings
    This 100%. I wouldn't stress over your leptin levels if you don't have much of an appetite. I typically add in cheat meals and refeeds when I feel like I need them, so I wouldn't be too concerned about it.

    My go-to carb snack is rice cakes. Either the caramel or chocolate ones have very low fat, and they're easy to bring along with you and munch on. Fruit is another great option, but I wouldn't eat too much fruit on a refeed day. Fruit is primarily fructose, which is not as efficient at restoring muscle glycogen.

  5. Thanks for the feedback.
    One thing is tho that as I have ADD I'm on some prescriptions which are known to reduce appetites and am currently on a supp which also reduces hunger. As a result, I get the feeling that my 'hunger' levels aren't a great indicator of how my body is and I'm concerned that my metabolism would slow down if I'm not consuming enough calories from appropriate sources even though I'm not hungry



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