High blood pressure and frequent urination(think it might be prostrate)

  1. High blood pressure and frequent urination(think it might be prostrate)

    Is there any supplements out that could help with high blood pressure, OR enlarged prostate? My blood pressure has always been around 122/70, but when I got enlarged turbinates 2 years ago, my blood pressure went to 138/87 and now even though I had my turbinates reduced and can breathe way better, my blood pressure is the same. I can actually still squat and deadlift, but I feel hot all the time. My face feels hot but my body can feel cold. Also, I have always urinated a lot for years, but recently it's gotten worse. I had my prostate checked one about 6 years ago and the doctor said "Yeah, it's a little bit but nothing to be worried about." I'm worried about trying to take anything for prostate from the doctor, because as far as I know, all the pills they give you are anti-androgen and I rather be dead than take something that chemically neuters me.

  2. There are a lot more options than "chemically neuter" as you put it. Go get yourself checked out at least by a physician and rule out anything major. There are other possibilities why your blood pressure is up and you're urinating more frequently. Nobody is going to force you into a treatment, but it's better to be safe than sorry with your prostate.
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  3. I found out it is Nasacort. So now I have to YET again find a nasal spray that works. I guess I can never breathe correctly no matter what.

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