MA Research Now Open!

  1. MA Research Now Open!

    MA Research


    Discount code: am15

    Hello, my Anabolic Minds family. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome to you MA Research; a peptide & research chemical company dedicated to providing you with the highest quality and most competitively priced products on the market.

    As the forerunner of MA Research, many of you may be familiar with MA Labs, a sports nutrition company responsible for introducing some of the most innovative and well-reviewed products in the industry. Here at MA Research our goals are the same, with passion, professionalism, and trustworthiness forming the foundation of our business practice.

    * Purity and Potency GUARANTEE: All peptides and research chemicals are HPLC tested with a guaranteed purity of 99% or greater.

    * Product Authentication: All orders are accompanied by 3rd party HPLC lab reports.

    * Ultra-Competitive Prices: All of our prices have been set below the average market price, with many of our products selling for LESS than 50% of the average market price!

    * All Orders Shipped Priority Mail!

    * International Shipping Available!

    If you guys have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly, either here at Pro Muscle, or preferably at the company email (see below). The company email goes directly to me and me alone, so all messages will all be answered thoroughly and in a timely fashion.

    I am super excited to finally get started and will do all I can to exceed your research expectations.

    Website Address:

    Company Email: [email protected]

    MA Labs 20% Off Discount Code: arnold20

  2. No nootropics?

  3. how will quality compare to PRE

  4. Quote Originally Posted by rowz4broz View Post
    how will quality compare to PRE
    I am not going to directly compare my products to another sponsor because I think it is disrespectful, but I can say the following. My product quality is as good as it gets. I have done everything I can to ensure that ALL of our products contain exactly what they're supposed to.

    For one, all of my products are made in U.S. labs and mass spec and/or HPLC tested at 99% purity or greater. I also include a physical copy of the lab report for all products purchased.

    About 95% of all peptide companies in existence today buy their raws from China. On top of that, most companies do NOT get their raws tested. Between these two things, you are rolling the dice every time you buy a product from one of these companies. Why do you think peptide companies (in general) have such a bad rep? That is the reason. It is IMPOSSIBLE to guarantee quality when purchasing raws under those circumstances.

    We also take all major credit cards.
    MA Labs 20% Off Discount Code: arnold20

  5. Professional answer I was looking for



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