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Yeah it could be related to acetylcholine as well. I didn’t know you were taking medications that could influence dopamine. To be honest bupropion does affect dopamine but it mostly increases NE when you compare the two. With standard racetams they do work through AMPA receptors and other combinations of glutamate and acetylcholine changes. Phenylracetam seems to have a dopaminergic effect. At least from what I’ve read that’s what I assume is happening. You also might be taking it too often. Though there isn’t a manual on its usage and some might be able to stave off tolerance longer than others. But back to dopamine there are different neural tracts that have dopamine receptors. One is the mesolimbic which is where bupropion has an affect. Other dopaminergic compounds (like adderall) also hit the mesocortical pathway, and that one can be associated with fatigue if the dopamine levels increase too much. So I guess what I’m saying is each drug affects different dopamine pathways in a different way. So that can add to the complexity of predicting what caused what. But yeah keep experimenting. If the lower dose doesn’t feel good it sounds like you might have a good dose at 100.
Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it. I'll try 50 mg of phenylpiracetam tomorrow and see how it goes. Just to clarify, I'm not currently taking any of those medications...I was just giving my general responses when I did try them.