Gyno help

  1. Gyno help

    Hey guys, Hi I'm new and looking for some advice

    I have noticed quite a few Gyno threads and folks on this site knowing their stuff about it, I will try and keep my post as short as possible to see if you might be able to help me out.

    I have a prolactinoma which is a pituitary tumor I have been getting treated for it for about 10 years and one of the initial symptoms that gave it away I had it was my puffy nipple and discharge which is one of the big things that separated prolactin gyno from estrogen gyno I believe ?

    Anyways my gyno disappeared almost completely once on treatment of cabergoline... and all was well up until about a year and half ago when my then endocrinologist decided to take me of cabergoline as my tumor had shrunk and all my blood levels were normal.

    But within a month or so I started to feel nipple sensitivy... they begain to puff up again and it felt like I was carrying added weight around on my chest... I pleaded with the endo and only after another few months he put me back on the caber as my blood tests showed my prolactin had shot up... after this problem I decided to switch endo as I felt had he listened to me knowing my own body and not on lab tests I could have got it under control sooner.

    I still have this issue ongoing nearly a year on despite being back on cabergoline, my new endo has dismissed it completely saying I have perfectly fine pecs but it was cold in his examination room so they looked normal when he saw them... and my latest mri and blood tests came back good...

    So i'm left with this puffy nipple that is sensitive and occasionaly get dull pains in and around the nipple area.... and don't know what to do! my endo fails to see the nipple issue and also reports all my blood levels are normal... prolactin normal.. testosterone in his words very good... and some other stuff all good.

    As you can imagine i'm now struggling to get my head round what is going on... if my prolactin is good then how can it be prolactin gyno ? if my testosterone is good then that would mean my estrogen is low by default right ?

    it is only in one nipple my left one... I will post a picture later, it probably a mild case whatever it is but if I wear a t shirt standing side on It looks like I have young girl puberty nipples on my left nipple and normal on my right...

    it's a total confidence killer esp when training and trying to get ripped but this horrible puffy nipple is the first thing I see.

    there is no hard lump directly behing the nipple at all if I push the puffy nipple in it feels like there is nothing behind it but air... there is some soft fatty like tissue surrounding the nipple more to the outside of the pec that isn't present on my right pec... I thought it might be excess fat but the difference is quite big from nipple to nipple for it to be just unsymmetrical fat storage.

    cheers for any advice.

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  2. Welcome to the forum. What are your current stats? (height, weight, training experience/type/frequency, age, etc.)
    Have you always had these symptoms?
    Are you currently taking any supplements or products that would have an impact on hormones?

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