HELLO guys im 21 years old and 178 cm heres a photo Name:  20205890_1588209857876455_1091103868_o.jpg
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    so tell me which parts need improvent?? i think that something wrong with my shoulders,traps i dont know something is wrong

  2. some extra infos i workout for 3 years now and i used to be very skinny 60 kilos now 78... i know about abs and biceps they are horrible

  3. Your delt genetics are phenomenal, damn! I would take big shoulders over big biceps any day, you're looking solid my man.

    What is your current training program look like? I don't think your abs are "horrible", you just aren't lean enough to see them. For 3 years training you're doing well - it's a long and slow road

  4. lol man it seems like joke to me.... hahaha i thought that my delts was crap and i thought that my shoulders are more trained than delts and it seems (bad)... thats a compliment i haves heared!! from programms i always trust kris gethins and now from september i will start for first time some power/ hypertrophy programm like phat of layne norton... thnx for ur advice u made my day mate

  5. do u think guys i need a wider back?? of course i need thicker

  6. someone?


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