High Diastolic BP at 25 Y/O

  1. High Diastolic BP at 25 Y/O

    Hey guys,

    I took some BP measurements yesterday and noticed my diastolic bp is high for my age. BP was 107/81 and resting heart rate was 65.

    What supplements are good for lowering this? Currently im taking arginine and all of the arimicare pro cardiovascular support (grape seed, pine bark, red yeast rice etc...). I am also taking LGD 4033 and im 3 weeks in as of right now.

    I dont think this is a result of the LGD as my doctor told me in my last physical i had high BP and if it got any worse she may consider meds. For reference, i am 25 and about 15% BF and eat fairly clean but drink beer most nights (2 or 3 before bed)

  2. High Diastolic BP at 25 Y/O

    you drink beer most nights? you drink 2-3 beer everyday while on LGD? are you serious? to stop that immediately would be a very smart decision. chronic alcohol consumption can lead to higher bp.

    are you doing cardio? AT LEAST while on cycle its always recommended to do some LISS cardio 2-4x a week for 30-40min. this can and will help your cardiovascular system a lot, your bp as well as your blood lipids.

    generally LGD can throw up your bp very strong, its a known side effect. (how high are you dosing it??) but drinking alcohol with it, also on a daily basis, is, sorry, but thats the dumbest sh1t i ever heard. if one is ON, he shouldnt drink alcohol or use any drugs, at least not on a daily basis. stop the alcohol or the LGD. dont do both.

  3. Can you elaborate why? As lgd is non methilated?

  4. If you simply google “ LGD4033 high blood pressure” you find hundreds of hits indicating BP is affected.

    Also agree with above. 2 to 3 beers a night? Really not a very good life choice.
    May I suggest using this app to track your bloodwork tests:
    myBloodTracker for IPhone and IPad

  5. I understand LGD can raise BP, essentially all anabolics do *at least those that effect hormones*, hence why i am taking arimicare pro. I also am aware that alcohol can effect BP with mild to heavy use.

    Thaat being said, im curious why drinking and taking LGD is "the dumbest sh1t someone has ever heard" seeing as LGD is not hepatoxic/ non methylated. *still there have been reports of elivated liver enzymes while on LGD... again also why i am taking arimicare pro*

    But i am moreso curious about what the original post was direct towards, what supplements/ minnerals can be taken to lower diastolic BP.


  6. High Diastolic BP at 25 Y/O

    its the dumbest sh1t because its a RESEARCH CHEMICAL! no one can tell you if there are some metabolites or something that would f*ck you up if you consume alcohol with the LGD. cocaethylen is a headword here. the toxicity of a lot substances can be dramatically higher if combined with alcohol and in regard of LGD nobody can tell you. its really extremely idiotic to drink alcohol, everyday, while on a research chemical.

    you are taking a bunch of stuff and still have elevated bp, so change the obvious and cut out the alcohol and do cardio. thats the best you can do.

    and that lgd isnt liver toxic is nonsense. it can affect your liver and it definitely f*cks your blood lipids. alcohol will also harm your liver and screw up your blood lipids. you are doing nothing good for your body if you combine these two substances. its totally irresponsible and negligent. but sure, keep the daily alcohol consumption and just drop another pill 🤦🏼

    and did you do bloodwork before your cycle? if so, you can do another one now and look if everything is check. but as said - your problems will most likely be gone if you stop drinking and do cardio instead. also again - whats your dose of the LGD?

  7. Wtf is going on on this thread, OP your blood pressure is fine

  8. Perhaps also worh noting, im taking 75 mg per day of DHEA oral to counteract lethargy of lgd.

  9. looks like i didnt read the exact numbers very well.

    i would still do what i said. alcohol on cycle is a no go.

  10. 81 is barely elevated. Try this:

    Rest for 5-10 minutes before taking your BP. Take it 3x, then take the average of those three. If one is an outlier, toss it out and repeat. Do this for a week or so.

    In the context of an SBP of 106, I'm guessing that taking proper BP measurements will demonstrate a very healthy DBP as well.
    "I'm not fat, I'm big boned!"

  11. https://www.focusforhealth.org/is-yo...er-for-pharma/
    When the threshold for HBP keeps getting lowered, what's your Doc supposed to tell you.

  12. To the original post, I have a BIL that swears by Superbeets to keep his BP down.


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