Sudden testicle shrinkage. No libido, fatigue. Varicocele?

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  1. Erectile dysfunction from minoxidil? It actually can work like Viagra and Cialis through the nitric oxide channel. I do not think it is the cause of your problem.

  2. Go tell that to the hundreds of people on that link..... then do some research on it

  3. Hi fweed,
    The pain is mild at first and change to aching. The doctor said the testicles looked alright. I think they're Ok.
    Anyway, I've some morning erection but they're just weaker than before.
    I also found that if the penis is pointing upwards, there’s some mild pain in the middle to root of penis. I can't get erection by just thinking. I'm feel better in the morning but as the day proceed, the penis shrink, turn cold, and soft.

  4. cool, my libido is definitely on the up... feels like i'm almost having spontaneous erections again... haven't really noticed enlarging of testicles back to former size yet, but everything else is somehow improving after about year and half of misery... even had sexual dreams recently... also hasn't happened in ages, not sure what was causing my problem, so not sure if the reduced sugar + carbs + regularly ingesting raw garlic or something else had anything to do with the sudden improvement... i'll wait a month & see how things go & add an update... i've been terribly depressed past year and half as well cause thought my sex days were over & i'm only 39... feeling so much better now... oh & btw my left nipple and testicle were sensitive at the start of it all, some pain, lost muscle mass, pretty sure my testosterone levels were very low, but i live in a country with crappy public hospitals & didn't have bucks for private doctor, so whatever caused it will remain a mystery... my muscles also feel better & my sweat is also starting to smell more manly like it used to...

  5. Prikkel, maybe you could find somewhere to have blood hormone tests done privately, they are usually not very expensive. See if it is within your budget. Testosterone alone would be a good indicator to start with.
    The nipple sensitivity can be a sign of raised prolactin, which is sometimes due to high levels of prolonged stress. Prolactin can reduce testosterone levels and kill libido as well as making you feel tired. It is great to hear you are beginning to feel more yourself again. Maybe I will try raw garlic, how much do you eat per day? I also haven't had sexual dreams since this started.
    I don't know what would have made your testicle sensitive, was it injured at the time, or just spontaneous?

  6. kelcy, a reason why you may feel better in the morning is because that is when testosterone levels are highest, after a good sleep.
    The penis being smaller and cold might be a lack of nitric oxide being produced, maybe also low DHT I have read. Make sure you tell the doctor/urologist about where the pains have been and at what times.

  7. Hi all,

    35 year old male here. I'm so glad I found this post. My experience has been very similar to fweed, probably the big exception being no nipple sensitivity. Long story short: extreme ED, shrunken testicles, intermittent pain and soreness on bottom of right testicle. Here's my story:

    1.Nov 2016 - Pulled my groin a little over a year ago doing some ill advised power yoga. No immediate problems

    2. Feb 2017 - Soreness in right testicle for about a week. Chalked it up to tight pants, stopped wearing them, went away

    3. March 2017 to August 2017 - Sex drive declined maybe 20% overall, with some hills and valleys

    3. Sept 2017 - Chlamydia infection, Epididymitis- round of antibiotics cleared it up in a couple of weeks. Begin of libido decline, but mild decline, maybe psychological. Got infection because I wasn't wearing condom because I had trouble maintaining erection long enough between putting one on and putting it inside.

    4. Nov 2017 - Sudden symptoms like fweed::

    A. right testicle shrinkage overnight. Right one has always been bigger, hung lower, now is smaller and hangs very high.

    B. Both testicles are now very loose in the sack, lots of extra skin

    C. Random soreness at bottom of right testicle, but feels very different from Epididymitis. No burning and one enlarged cord rather than all of the coils being enlarged as in Epididymitis.

    D. Can always count on soreness in right testicle after masturbating, whether I finish or not.

    E. Erections don't last, can't get them from thoughts, only stays erect while being stimulated. Erection is not nearly as big or hard as it used to be.

    F. Erection if any is is at a 45 degree angle to the left, as if the right testicle isn't doing its job to buoy the shaft in its direction and the left testicle is doing all the work.

    G. Varicose like veins on top of shaft, especially pronounced when erect.

    H. Extreme impotence, not just in the member itself but no desire, no erection when I know I should be turned on, shaft mostly shrunk as far as it can go.

    I. Shaft is limp and cold the majority of the time.

    J. I don't get that feeling of the balls refilling.

    K. Morning wood twice a week and seems to be related to needing to urinate. Once I urinate, erection is gone.

    L. Sudden difficulty falling asleep and bad sleep when I do. I've never had sleep problems.

    M. Depression most days and what I'd describe as a cloudy head with no clarity or but every so often I'm not depressed at all. It's like the weather in a place like Seattle (metaphor only, I live in the Southern United States): usually foggy and grey, but occasionally unpredictably sunny. I just don't feel at all like myself. Feel like my sex days are over.'

    N. If I do masturbate, takes a week or two before I can stimulate again, whereas before that would be half a day to a day.

    O. Diminishing amount of semen. Each time it seems less and less.

    P. Loss of appetite, don't get hungry so much as weak.

    Q. Sometimes extreme thirst, like I can't put enough water in my body.

    R. Sometimes overactive bladder, like I have to go often but it's only a little bit. This has diminished within last month as I've become more active.

    What the doctor said:

    First visit - it's all in my head
    Second visit - probably relapse of bacterial infection - turned out to be wrong, STD tests were all negative and I hadn't had intercourse since initial infection which was cured. Put me on antibiotics anyway, no affect. Asked for an ultrasound of the testicles, didn't think it was necessary. All labs "within normal range" except slightly low B12, so I got a shot for that and am taking supplements.

    Things to note:

    - once after jumping rope things briefly seemed to return to normal. Also took some black cumin oil at the same time. Neither seems to help lately.

    - sitting for long periods seems to exacerbate pain/soreness. Standing and walking seems to temporarily alleviate pain/soreness.

    - very physically active, though mostly walking. Not a lot of cardio or strength training.

    - very good diet: lots of seeds, nuts, oily fish, eggs, greens, olives

    - fairly tight pants and lots of bicycle riding. Will be quitting the tight pants tomorrow.

    - boxer briefs. May switch to loose boxers.

    Plan to see different Urologist this time. Feel like Varicocele is a strong possibility, or intermittent torsion.
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  8. hi moviegoer, well a lot of your post sounds too familiar. You also seem like you are quite aware of your symptoms and have read a decent amount on it too.
    I wonder if you have a partial torsion, or intermittent as you said. I have wondered the same about myself. I too had the painful point on the bottom of my left testicle for a year or so.
    I don't have the 45 degree angle, although the balance did change slightly, I think from the weight distribution of the testicle as you said. Does the penis feel different on that side, is it the body that has curved, or the penis just tilted that way. If so it might be some fibrosis/internal scarring, but it doesn't sound like to. Mention all these things to your new urologist, write a list and hand it to him with the order of events dated like that, it will save time. I did the same thing.
    I've heard of others having more pronounced veins on the shaft, but mine became slightly less so.
    I reckon you should ask to have your thyroid tested, and another hormonal test overall for the new urologist. Consider having a semen analysis for fertility too, it helps with diagnosis.
    Ecography of the scrotum for sure.
    It could be a varicocele, tight trousers have been shown to cause atrophy sometimes, but this sounds sudden.
    Discontinue cycling for a while, a couple of months perhaps, as that had been known to be a cause of some forms of disfunction, particularly if it is long distance. You can also try a wide saddle to ease the pressure.
    For sleep, B vitamins like you already have, someone said are good. Magnesium and zinc might help too, during the day.
    Winter can affect it, try to have as much sunlight as possible, open your blinds early in the morning so you see the light from the early sun, it has been shown to raise mood during winter. It's your eyes that register it, and having more sunlight during the morning and lunchtime is the best, so you keep your rhythm.
    I've had the thirst and my hunger doesn't work as it used to. I more or less have to tell myself to eeat because hunger doesn't often come.
    When is your urologist appointment? Keep trying new ones until you find one who is interested in helping you to resolve your problems. Don't be put off by the unhelpful ones.
    Do some strength training to build muscle mass, it increases testosterone. Endurance training like running long distance tends to increase cortisol, which supposedly has a negative effect on testosterone. You don't need to stop, just change the balance a bit and see if things improve at all.
    If it was sudden, it might have been a sudden varicocele, caused by what they call the "nutcracker effect", the veins from your scrotum to your kidney having an overpressure which relieved the pressure by dilating the veins in your scrotum and just above.
    There's apparently a kind of xray test for blood backflow to se that.
    Keep posting back whenever you have information or questions. Someone must have an answer for this problem we have.

    Also, ask your urologist to test for hypogonadism, and to check whether any of your hormone levels are high/low even if they are within the 'normal' range. Ask what the optimal levels should be. The balance of hormones is important, not just the individual levels.

  9. Penis doesn't feel different on the "bad" side and it's not a new curvature, just the shaft is now tilted. I think like you're saying, it's probably because of the size/weight shift of the "bad" testicle.

    My urology appt is Monday. Went to Urgent Care to try that route today. I do have a UTI, but I think it's a red herring, probably from a dehydrating 24 hr stomach bug I got from travelling. If all it was was a months long UTI, it should have been knocked out by the bactrim that I received in December, since that's what they're prescribing me now. I'll push for the ultrasound and the tests you recommend.

    I asked about torsion and the NP at the urgent care said that if I had torsion, even intermittent, I would have "jumped off the table" in pain when she did her examination. My pain is usually a 3 or 4 out of ten. The UTI I think is putting pressure on the testicle so now it's probably a 5, but it never gets higher than that. Seems to be the consensus that torsion pain is intolerable with the healthcare professionals I've talked to.

    Also, sent my timeline to a doctor at and here's what he said:

    The two possibilities to consider in your case could be a depressive illness leading to all of your symptoms

    Secondly i would do an ultrasound to rule out a hydrocele or varicocele

    This can give rise to a disparity in the size of the testicles

    Symptomatically you can benefit by using sildenafil to help with the sexual activity

    When I asked him this: What about angle change of penis? Can that be caused by hydrocele or varicocele?

    This was his response:

    Yes due to swelling it can occur

    His responses were obviously about as helpful as a wikipedia page, but it was worth the $30 gamble. I don't have swelling but shrinkage. I find that a lot of healthcare professionals zero in on the symptom or two they know how to "fix" (impotence, pain) rather than taking all of the symptoms together as a single narrative. They also tend to add symptoms that you don't report (the justask doctor says swelling, but I have no swelling).

    I really appreciate your response fweed. Sometimes I don't give the internet community enough credit. I think you've got a lot of good advice on here. Hopefully, we'll figure this out!

  10. There is something called a silent torsion, which is painless, but it is quite rare. They found a small hernia on me, which can restrict blood flow to the testicle. Ultrasound should also show that if it is present. I read a medical study of possible amelioration of penile function based on a long term continous low dose of sildenafil, the results were good, but it is still in the research state. Short term, as long as you don't have side effects, it is good to keep the blood flowing regularly. Doctors can only go off their own experience and training, and usually aim for the most common problems rather than investigate. They have limited time and a lot of cases.
    One thing to remind them is to focus on the testicular shrinkage, I think it is one of the key parts. Depression can't cause sudden testicular shrinkage. It can cause ED over long term, but as far as I know, it doesn't affect morning wood, which runs on a different process. From what I've read, morning/nighttime automatic erections being unaffected are a sign it is possibly psychological. Otherwise, it is physical.

  11. Ok, after testosterone test and ultrasound they found nothing abnormal in testicular ultrasounds (they did not ultrasound the shaft). They said blood flow was normal and no indications of varicocele or hydrocele, no tumors.

    Right is still slightly larger than left and falls within normal range size-wise, though the right was significantly larger before. Perhaps they both are smaller, but I've been focused on the right because of pain/soreness and more obvious changes.

    Testosterone was normal:

    Testosterone, Total 676 ng/dL 195.0 - 1138.0 ng/dL

    I got my testosterone measured before "the change" and it was as follows:

    550.7 with a normal range of 300-1000.

    I tried Levitra for the first time. It had a slight effect, but again my erection was very crooked and not to full size. What I'm noticing immediately afterwards is an inflammation or lump at the point of the right testicle, as though if you stand an egg on end there is a little pouch of something under the skin, on or around where the spermatic chord is that's sore to the touch. I've had this once before and it usually goes away after a couple of days. I've asked the following of my doctor, since what's wrong with me seems to be physical:

    "I tried the Levitra finally and it only seemed to help slightly and makes the extreme angle of the erection much more pronounced. Afterwards, I'm noticing a kind of lump or inflamation at the bottom of the right testicle. If you stood an egg on the pointy end, it would be where the pointy end is. It's a bit sore, maybe pain of 3 and I've noticed this a few times before, always only after erection and it seems to go away after a couple days. This may be why it wasn't noticed in the physical exam or ultrasound.

    I'm wondering the following:
    1. Is there a test for Peyronie's Disease? I know that condition was mentioned in the office visit.
    2. Can I get my sperm count checked?
    3. Maybe the problem is in the shaft but manifests itself as soreness in the spermatic chord? Are there any tests that can be performed on "system" during and after erection?"

    I forgot to ask about Thyroid function, but I'll ask.

    I am getting more morning wood, but it always seems to be related to having to go to the bathroom, and disappears once I urinate. I'm also noticing that the timing of blood flow to the erection just seems to be off. If it gets erect, it will almost immediately "fall down" unless I push it to the right, essentially straightening it, which helps to keep it erect. After ejaculation, the shaft immediately shrinks to as small as it can possibly go, but then seems to become slightly engorged after a minute. It's like the sequence is off. More to discuss with the doctor. I've actually only seen the PA, so maybe I'll get access to the doctor this time, though I do have a lot of respect for PAs.

  12. Saw the best doctor so far, a urologist. His diagnosis is as follows:

    1. Bent penis - Peyronie's Disease. He pointed out the plaque which I'd also identified as strange, a hard thin rod-like structure on the left side of the shaft where the scarring is, which causes shortening on that side and the bend to the left. He's prescribed Pentoxifylline ER.

    2. Testicular/spermatic chord pain - Hernia. I have an appointment with a surgeon next week.

    3. Inflammation/Tightening of the pelvic floor - this is probably the main cause of the ED and is often caused by stress (girl problems, stress of STD and Peyronie's changes). He prescribed Oxaprozin for a month.

    Since both Oxaprozin and Pentoxifylline ER cause stomach distress, he's having me take the Oxaprozin for the full month before starting the Pentoxifylline.

    The acute period for Peyronie's is a year, so I have about nine months left of that where I'll take the Pentoxifylline. Surgery is not recommended during that time to remove plaque because the shaft and scar tissue are in a state of flux. After the year if penetration is difficult/painful, then we'll talk surgery.

    In other news, prior to this visit, things have been suddenly improving. The only change has been more aerobic activity like dancing, running, jump rope that involves a lot of jarring to the body. Also, when my penis is erect, I've noticed that if I move the shaft so that it's not crooked and bent, I can actually maintain an erection, though it's a strange one, knobby at the base from Peyronie's. That seems to have swelled the testicles so that they're actually acting more normally, although I still have pain which for now I'm attributing to the hernia. With feeling returning to testicles, depression has lifted and I just feel more normal, more like myself, despite the pain and Peyronie's. I see light at the end of this year's tunnel.

    Fweed, I think hernia is a sneaky thing, because I've seen six medical professionals in six months and only the latest caught it and it's only on one side, the right/bad side. Funny even the very thorough ultrasound missed it. The difference was this guy wasn't afraid to really look at my genitals and when he was diagnosing hernia, he pushed hard enough to reveal the source of pain. I think, unfortunately and understandably, a lot of medical staff, even urological staff, really don't want to look at your organ as long and as thoroughly as they need to to find the problem.

    Final thing, I did try one levitra and while it didn't work very well in the moment, it may have kind of opened things up and got them flowing. Current doctor recommends using it as a crutch to prove to your body and mind that erections are possible and then slowly weening yourself off of them.

  13. Hi moviegoer, you've given good information again. It also sounds like things are on the mend for you, and a fairly complete recovery plan.
    For your questions, a sperm count is a good idea, mention it to your local doctor or urologist. You give a sample in a jar, as soon afterwards as possible, best to keep it body temperature. They can test number of sperms per ml, motility, and various other qualities. It will assure you that your testicles are functioning fully.
    It could be the hernia is pushing on the spermatic cord/veins, which might result in temporary obstruction or increased pressure in the blood supply, perhaps causing the localised swelling and the pain. That's a guess though, I've wondered if I have the same thing from my hernia.
    There are tests designed to examine function during an erection. They inject your penis to cause an erection, and then can test bloodflow, and other things. Ask your doc if he thinks it would give more info.
    Morning wood does come more regularly from a full bladder at night, there's theories that part of the reason for this response is to avoid involuntary night urination. Honestly, erections are good for your penile tissue, so drinking some water before bed is a nice way to boost morning wood. Regular erections provide oxygen rich blood and keep the penis tissue healthy.
    Same with the regular low dose of levitra, if it keeps you having regular erections, it is a good idea. Like you said, also good for your mental state, and in turn your endocrine system.
    I don't remember much of what I read about peyronie's disease. I'd recommend you focus your research on that and find out if there are physical therapy things or environmental factors, and diet/supplements which can allow for healing.
    It's good to hear you are feeling more yourself.
    Do whatever works, if the straightening thing works, keep doing it as long as it isn't painful, ask your doc if you want to be sure it's alright to do.
    Your testosterone looks good, that can be increased by lifestyle and diet too. Lower body exercise, gaining muscle mass, sunlight - including sunlight to your genitals, dark green vegetables, nuts and seeds, mushrooms.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by fweed View Post
    kelcy, a reason why you may feel better in the morning is because that is when testosterone levels are highest, after a good sleep.
    The penis being smaller and cold might be a lack of nitric oxide being produced, maybe also low DHT I have read. Make sure you tell the doctor/urologist about where the pains have been and at what times.
    I m having my first urology appt next week.
    But my symptoms seem to improve considerably. There's only some discomfort at penis base during sitting. penile coldness, sensitivity and erection has improved.
    Not sure whether I should visit the urologist.

  15. Follow your instinct. I would say any abnormality that lasts more than a few days is worth the visit. If it is very expensive for you, then consider postponing the appointment, so you can see whether things improve completely. If it is just about the time or not wanting to 'bother' the urologist, then go anyway, because you'll have more information. Ask him to check with a valsalvar maneuver, where you hold your breath to increase internal pressure. That helps him see if there is a hernia or varicocele, both of which can cause discomfort and secondary effects.

  16. Ok. Noted.I'd just confirm the appt.
    I just don't want in your head or some perfunctory response from them.

  17. That is what I had from a few, and it was very disappointing and off-putting, that they didn't seem at all interested in finding out what was wrong or fixing it. But there's a chance you'll have a capable doctor, who will find out more information for you, so it is honestly better to chance disappointment for that possibility of more knowledge that might lead to improvement. Have to keep trying, like one of the guys above said, it took him visiting several urologists before one was thorough enough to discover it was a hernia causing him pain.
    Good luck

  18. Latest update, surgeon was unable to find hernia that urologist "found" and ultrasound on inguinal area was negative for hernia. A doctor friend of mine is instead suggesting that I have testicular appendage torsion (not testicular torsion which is a medical emergency). This is supposed to resolve itself, but it's been four months or more of this intermittent pain. I've messaged the urologist with this latest theory and will report back to this thread with what he says. This is really starting to sound like it.

    No update on peyronie's. I've only been taking the medication for a month, so not seeing many results.

    I will discuss erection test with my doctor, might be a good idea. Still seeing light at the end of the tunnel, I think I'm getting closer to the truth with my friend's theory plus the peyronie's.

  19. I've heard of testicular appendage torsion, though I don't remember the best way to detect it. An MRI of the pelvis might show what is wrong, but can be expensive.
    For the scar tissue, it can be improved with increase of bloodflow, massaging the area, and application of heat - just not to the testicles. You could have warm, not hot, salt water baths and sit in them. I read one study titled amellioration of penile fibrosis with sildenafil, a medicine which your doctor can prescribe for other symptoms. The study said daily use showed results and greater regeneration of smooth muscle cells over time.

  20. I'm thinking now that I have a spermatocele in addition to the Peyronie's, but sometimes the spermatocele will go away or be less painful or smaller with normal function of everything (excluding the Peyronie's, that doesn't go away, just the angle has decreased) as spontaneously as it appeared.

    Only seems like two options with spermatocele: surgery (risk of infertility) or leave it be. But the fact that it seems to go away at times is interesting, like there are things I could be doing (or not doing) to decrease the likelihood that it will affect me, even if it is ever present. Masturbation seems to make it much worse and sometimes having not masturbated for a while, it seems to go away. Interactions with females and being aroused in that way does not seem to make it worse and actually seems to help.

    Any advice on improving flow through epididymis/spermatic tubes? My issues seem to start there more than blood flow.

    Haven't had insurance these last couple months but it kicks in in Septmeber, at which point I'll try a new urologist and hand him my self-diagnosis of speramatocele and see what can be done.

  21. 1-2 spermatoceles showed up on my scan too, and can affect function, though I don't know to what extent. If a doctor has examined your scrotum forcefully, then they could possibly have caused one if it is a recent thing. Can also have developed by itself. For reducing the effect, and increasing blood supply, I would think that sitting in a warm, but not too hot, bath for a while once every day or two would help.
    Interesting that masturbation can worsen it and female contact not, but there are some complex interactions.
    I certainly feel better after female contact. I read that female secretions can have beneficial hormonal effects on males.
    There was a relatively recent medical study which I think was called "amelioration of penile atrophy" which studied the effects on low doses of erectile dysfunction medication taken daily having measurable significant beneficial effects on various physical elements, smooth muscle cells, penile tone,
    and increased regeneration of the penile tissue. I would expect that it could have an effect on scrotal problems too.
    Try to find some info and/or ask your doctor. The study was done long term, over some months.
    If you think surgery is better avoided for your spermatocele, then try all non-harmful options.
    Maybe turmeric, as that reduces inflammation - keep reading.

    If you find anything that works, foods reducing inflammation or
    increasing healing, or perhaps a natural cream to be applied from
    the outside of the scrotum, or a medication/therapy, I'd be interested to hear.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by Jobu777 View Post
    Erectile dysfunction from minoxidil? It actually can work like Viagra and Cialis through the nitric oxide channel. I do not think it is the cause of your problem.
    It does have *some* Anti-Androgenic (anti-Testosterone) Properties though.


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