Testosterone Cypionate ==> time to peak levels?

  1. Testosterone Cypionate ==> time to peak levels?

    Does anybody know approximately how much time between injection of testosterone cypionate and peak testosterone levels?

    I think I read somewhere that peak levels are typically reached 48-72 hours after application, but I'm not sure where I got that information, or whether it is accurate.

    I'm currently injecting on Wednesday evenings so peak levels are reached for weekend "activities", but my qualitative experience indicates peak levels are reached in less than 48 hours. Just wondering if the same is true for other folks.

    I seem to run out of steam by Monday or Tuesday, so I might start cutting dosage in half and injecting twice per week. Or maybe adding HCG on Monday and Tuesday per Dr. Crisler's protocol.

  2. Bump. Anyone, anyone . . . . Bueller?

  3. I bet seth roberts knows

  4. going by "feel" i say 8 hours for me on 2x a week injection schedule

  5. Peak is supposed to be around 48hrs. This is due to the oil base and how long it takes to absorb. Maybe 2 weeks to a month to stabilize. 4-7 day half life. Varies per person though. 12hrs after a test cyp shot and I can tell...



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