LG Sciences Battle Hardening Kit + 1-Andro

  1. LG Sciences Battle Hardening Kit + 1-Andro

    So I've been lifting for years and tried some PH before a few years ago and it really helped me get past some plateaus. Now I'm at the point where I've plateaued again and I'm looking for more of a dry/lean look and to hopefully lose 5-10 pounds in the process. So here's my process and I'm definitely looking for just overall input without giving a huge breakdown of workout routine and diet which I have fairly in tact.

    I got the Battle Hardener Kit since the Pbold and 17-Pro Andro are supposed to be great together. However I noticed that LG Sciences used to put out the same kit WITH the addition of 1-ando. So naturally I thought this would be worth recreating for some more dry/cutting effect. There's not much research or logs with this old kit or the addition of 1-andro, so I'm curious if this is fine with some liver support and fish oil supps for on cycle... or if I should just stick with the kit and save the 1-andro lol. I definitely would like some input there.

    I'm 6'1" and 215lbs. So for the cycle since I plan on using it to cut a bit as well I have the basic diet of consuming ~2500 cals a day and netting ~2000 cals after cardio/workout. This seems a reasonable net to me in order to lose weight. My macros are pretty much consistently 285g carbs (mostly in AM), 260g protein , and ~50g fat. I've been told that my calories should be higher, especially since I'm on a cycle, but I'm hoping the deficit and high protein will be enough to basically help me achieve my end goals of 5/10lb loss and dry/leaner look. I'm definitely looking for input on this because it makes sense to me, but apparently I don't eat that much for a guy weighing 215...

    Workout Routine: Basically M-Saturday. Saturday is normally just a second arms/shoulder session with some extended cardio. I keep reps normally at 12-16.

    I don't plan on a detailed log, but given some good input I can definitely let people know some progressions throughout my cycle

  2. LG stuff is good but underdosed

    I do like the PBold , I see it stacked with 1-andro and 4-andro
    You just need too much Of it and it gets expansive

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