Looking for clean gainer

  1. Looking for clean gainer

    Anyone carry it

  2. Interested as well I have only seen one ON product that I would consider a clean gainer and it is too expensive for my budget.

  3. I would check out R1valus Clean gainer, which is higher carbs but lower sugar lower protein content. looks like the carb ingredients is oats, quinoa and munk fruit. OR Isopure which is lower carb but you get way more protein per serving. I've tried the dutch chocolate Isopure its not bad on taste but not the best one Ive tasted. Just a coupe ideas.

    Or make your own. load up the blender with natural peanutbutter, some frozen fruit, oats and protein of your liking, if you really want to pack on the calories add an avocado to it. makes it thicker but easy way to add more calories.

    the 1 in the first line is an "i"

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