Cut above eye. No insurance for stitches

  1. Cut above eye. No insurance for stitches

    During MMA training I got clipped and a split open right above the eye. Bled allot but the cut didnít seem deep or wide. All I had available was gorilla glue and a butterfly bandage. And a regular bandied over it. I super glued it closed and glued allot of the skin around tightly with it. And tightly sealed it with the butterfly. And bandaid over it. Let it heal over night and now no bandied to let it breathe. It looks ugly prolly cuz of the glue but the cut seems sealed. I still want to keep training I have a fight in couple months. This weekend I was gonna try to wash the glue off and apply another butterfly just for extra security. Iíve been applying vitamin e ointment on it and taking collagen supplements. What are your recommendations? Did I do okay using gorilla glue to seal it? Can I keep training? Once it heals and scars is it gonna be more prone of re occurring every time I get clipped? What are your recommendations from here?

  2. Where are you?
    Go to urgent care and have them stitch it up. ($150-$350) It will re-open constantly if it doesn't heal right.
    Think about that fight. You start bleeding, they end the fight if you don't stop bleeding.
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  3. Get at least some anti scar scram once it starts to heal
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