Injecting BPC-157 in shoulder?

  1. Injecting BPC-157 in shoulder?

    I have rotator cuff and labrum tears in both shoulders, and I'm thinking about buying some BPC-157 to attempt to heal the injuries, even if just to a partial extent. I'm wondering about how to go about injecting it into my shoulders, technique-wise. Are most people injecting it IM (and if so, what needle size), or would subq injections work just as well? Also, how close does it need to be injected to the injury site? I'm afraid of injecting it deeply into my shoulder because I don't want to damage anything, but I'm not sure if subq injections would inject the peptide deeply enough for it to be effective.


  2. im debating getting some for eblow tendon sprains but no clue how to go about it or where to find a reputable source

  3. I've been looking into this recently too. I read that you should inject 1-4 inches from the site IM or Subq, but does that mean split the dose 1/2 for each side, alternate eod, does it matter that much? Still doing research on what it can and can't repair also.

  4. Iím waiting for my MRI results on my right shoulder but I have had problems with this shoulder for decades and believe Iím going to be told that I have to have rotator surgery.

    Iím on my 4th failed spinal fusion and Iím my shoulders to lift myself up, decompressing (dip position, hanging from pull-up bar), raising myself up from my seat to shift my lumbar.

    Anyways I canít have shoulder surgery or Iíll never be able to get out of bed and likely get another deep vein thrombosis (blood clot) in my leg.

    I have already been wanting to get TB 500 to treat all the cut muscles and tendons in my spine from all my surgeries. Now itís not a matter of want but need.

    BPC-157 I hear is ideal for shoulders and pairs well with TB 500 but I donít know where to get it as iím on a tight budget and canít afford (money nor time) to get ripped off by purchasing from a fraudulent website.

    If you find a legit place to get BPC-157 and/or TB 500 then please let me know.

    P.S. At my orthopedic appointment prior to being sent for MRI I asked the doctor if they do TB 500 or BPC 157 injections and he said that they do do TB 500 injections as one of their injection treatments.

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