I have a rhomboid strain and knee ligament injury. I have had the rhomboid injury since about 5 months ago, and the knee injury since about 4 months.

I have taken Collagen and protein to aid with healing during these past 5 months.

I am growing increasingly tired of still being injured mostly from my knee, so I am starting to take CJC-1925 with DAC along with GHRH - 2 next week. I will also include my collagen supplement to increase connective tissue healing even further. And, I also just started taken L-Arginine to increase blood supply into the ligaments and tendons (Targeting my rhomboid) for the simple reason that one of the biggest reason ligament and tendon injuries heal so slow is because of its significant low blood supply. So by doing all of this I am aiming towards 1. Increase growth hormone throughout the week to increase maximum recovery capacity and prevent any muscle atrophy, 2. Provide as much collagen and protein to my body to heal the connective tissue properly , and 3. Increase total blood flow to ligaments and tendons to increase healing in these areas that are injured and normally get a very low supply of blood.

I am also going to be doing some slight stretches and slight physical movements that my physical therapist recommended for optimal recovery.

With such agend on my hand I will try to recovery from a rhomboid strain, and knee ligament sprain that has been present 5 and 4 months respectively; With only slight recovery since my original injury.

If you have any recommendations, or any questions regarding the procedure I will follow please message me or comment on this thread. Please feel free to share your experience. I will keep you guys updated every week and hopefully we can learn from each other’s experiences.