Several weeks ago, I began working on thoracic extension because itís pretty pitiful and causing shoulder issues. The next day after thoracic extension over a foam roller, I had this sensation of extreme difficulty breathing. It only last a few minutes though.

For the past several weeks, if I extend my thoracic spine, or lean back with that part of my spine, it causes a similar shortness of breath but not as intense and the spine is very sore still. The shortness of breath is probably better described as I need to focus on my breathing. Itís like I have to consciously take a breath (not true, just a feeling).

I had one lung expiring test which was normal and my chest X-ray is clear. The doctors have listened to my lungs which sound fine too. Itís gotta just be related to the thoracic extension.

Did I just overdo it and strain something and paying the price? How long should the recovery take and is there anything to do about? Continue thoracic extension or go back to bad posture until it feels better then start over? Thanks.