1. Vasectomy

    What Up Counsel...

    Just had a many days did you guys take off before started training hard again?

    Doctor said 5 days and start easing back into it...



  2. Then you should probably listen to the doctor. Itís a good cns reset to take it off. Otherwise you could have complications and have to wait 6 weeks. In my eyes, 5 Days is better than 6 weeks off

  3. Yes, agree, not planning to go against docs orders. The reason I posted on here is because I assume we all train harder than most of the doctors clients so when I ask him how long until I can start training again that 5 days could be relative to patients that donít really go that hard in the gym. Maybe itís 10 days before Iím loading a squat bar up or back on the platform pulling or doing Olympic movements. Just looking for some AM guys who have experience in department...

    Thanks for the response!

  4. Yeah. When I did mine, he knew I lifted. So he was adamant on a week. I think he used the term grapefruit sized balls. No thanks

  5. Yeah trying to avoid that for sure even if it means taking a few extra days off!

  6. All depends on the person and how your healing. This will vary per individual.
    Many factors can come into play.
    First off your doctor, and what type of vasectomy was performed?.
    If they did a good job?
    were they rough during the procedure,
    Extra bruising, swelling etc.
    how fast you heal?
    Just a few things to consider.
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