Hey guys,

Back in september I went heavy on a bad hack squat machine Ive been using for a decade and didn't know it was bad for my knees. I felt it, although I got away with it, until i got up to 5 plates per side, and doing negatives the last reps having a spotter help me on the positive. Long story short, my left kneecap is swollen.

Its a tight,restrictive like somethings pulling . My Orthopedic said its arthritis. I think its some hard scar tissue forming. Has anyone gotten this better?

My insurance is paying for physical therapy and my pt has refused ultrasound at the end of my session, so Im going to try to switch pt's and try and get that bc I think that helps breaks up scar tissue some, and has seemed to help in the past.

My left knee has given out when I tried one legged squats. I can do some stuff like high rep leg press, high rep hack squats, and cable squats. I dont want to lose my leg size bc its one of my better bodyparts and its been three months since ive gone "heavy" Im going to try them today

Ive done active release back in 2009-2013 for a major elbow injury, a moderate shoulder injury and it worked well. The art therapist that helped me the most, and Ive tried a couple , lives two hours one way drive and Im not driving four hours once a week. There's one 45 mins away I may try; although anyone whos been to them know you must find a good one. Ive payed one a few times and he didn't help, and my insurance doesn't cover it.

There's a Myofascial release lady here, i've never tried it and she has good reviews.

does anyone has experience with both Active release and Myofascial Release that have gotten moderate to major injuries better, specially the knee cap, arthritis, scar tissue, adhesions, the tight pulling feeling, like maybe a broken rubber band?

No I havent had an MRI, thats the next step, if all of this doesnt work.