shoulder injury

  1. shoulder injury

    4 months with a painfull shoulder has really halted my training. I have seen physio etc with no joy with recovery.
    I have read posts from guys having success from taking low dose (10mg) ostarine cycles for healing purposes only.

    This is what im thinking:

    4-6 weeks olympus labs ostarine 10mg.
    4 weeks olympus labs kings blood pct.
    im hoping i wouldn't require a serm as i live in UK and it seems pretty hard to get from a reliable source here. You can probably tell this is all new to me but i am desperate to sort out this shoulder problem. Any advise would really be appreciated.

  2. I'm not sure taking AAS is the first option I'd consider for a shoulder injury. I've heard good things about TB500 for healing if you can find it. MK677 may help out too though I've not seen an improvement in healing taking it. You could try dry needling as another option. Also tailor your training to minimize aggravation.

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