HGH + TB 500 Road To Self Recovery

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  1. HGH + TB 500 Road To Self Recovery

    Let's start with my MRI. A very bad rotator cuff injury. Here is the c/p:

    "There is signal alteration of the supraspinatus tendon, consistent with tendinopathy. More focally, there is a high-grade partial thickness tear (articular side) of the anterior local edge of supraspinatus tendon at its insertion involving nearly· 70-80% of its thickness."

    So, my shoulder is barely hanging on by threads before it's labeled as a FULL tear and surgery is required.

    This was not a sharp\acute injury. This is a lifetime (I'm 34, so not super old), but basically me being active my entire life.
    Lifting for over 12 years. Martial arts for 30 years (started young, never stopped). Boxing, Muay Thai, No-Gi Jiu Jitsu, etc.
    I didn't start gear until I was about 26 years old or so. I haven't "done it all" but with probably 10 or more cycles, I'd say I am well versed.

    Anyways, just wanted to give you a background so you can give me "some" credibility as a reliable source. I'm not some gear face who ripped his shoulder trying to max on a flat bench with an Animal shirt and chalk everywhere. Anyways, let's go...

    2 months of standard supps. Any joint support you can think of, didn't do anything.
    Started throwing in Collagen supplments. Collagen Type 2 helped (pricey), but maybe not as much as I needed. So 2 months of OTC powders, virtually useless for something that I should be having surgery for. Also, I did this PRIOR to the MRI. So ya, useless.

    Here we are, post MRI.
    4iu HGH ED
    5mg TB-500 per week.

    One thing, I started running my growth weeks prior, so this isn't really Week 1 growth, more like Week 1 growth while stacking with TB-500.

    Hit 2.5mg TB-500 sub q on 4-22
    Sides - Lazy\Lethargic (caffeine barely helps) and my head is cloudy for some reason. Read about others having the same issue. These are my sides.

    I am going to run 4iu HGH ED for 20 weeks total.
    I am going to run my TB500 at 5mg per week (2.5mg twice a week) for 5 weeks, then weeks 6\7\8\9 at 2.5mg per week.

    I will then get another MRI and let you know what the "percentage is".

    There it is...
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  2. TLDR
    Tore 80% of main ligiment in shoulder.
    Running 20 weeks of HGH and 9 weeks of TB-500.
    Going to see what the MRI says. Did it really rebuild itself as many doctors claim as not possible.
    Anything over 50% is suggested to perform surgery.
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  3. One week in. Nothing major. I tried a 2.5mg TB500 in my shoulder (close to injury site, not in the actual tendon) to see if it matters.
    I know science says it doesn't matter with TB500, but then some people said they had better results with injections closer to the injured area.
    I am going to alternate.

    I know it's only 1 week in, so I'm not expecting much.
    Shoulder limitation and pain is pretty much still the same. If it does feel better it's minimal, maybe 10% tops, could easily be mental.

    Be back in another week...
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  4. Have you guys noticed better skin and hair from the gh?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by fitfreak_CP View Post
    Have you guys noticed better skin and hair from the gh?
    Not really, mostly because I don't put too much emphasis on paying attention to those things, plus I do a lot of other things that effect my skin and hair.

    Skin - I drink a lot of Japanese detox teas that are supposed to clean out your system and pores. I use extra sensitive womens shaving cream (no shame) as well as baby lotion (Johnson and Johnson). I'm also a swimmer (which wrecked my shoulder even more) so the chlorine dries me out at times. So really GH going up against all of those things wouldn't really be noticeable.

    Hair - I'm losing my hair, and test cycles just speed it up. Propecia helps (I only take it during a cycle) but I don't even let my hair grow out (always shaved) to see the difference.

    I guess my nails are harder and shinnier. haha.
    Then again, out of all the sources and probably 6+ years of running GH on and off, these are the least things I pay attention to.
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  6. 2 weeks in.

    Shoulder was feeling A LOT better. I admit I messed up though. It was feeling better and I thought "Great, maybe I can train chest again". Did ZERO free weights. I used cables, hammer, etc. Went light, about 75% of what I usually do. Big mistake. Total set back. So the moral of the story is don't train just because you feel that it's getting better. I tested it, and sure, I was able to complete my work out but I messed myself up again. Was careful, didn't go super heavy, total mind to muscle coordination (extreme focus on pec muscles) and I set myself back.

    I've read that TB-500 reduces the immflamation making you think it's better (ie - less pain) but don't train it.

    Every day is leg day.
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  7. I must say that tb-500 didn't do anything for me. I had some knee issues and using gh eod before bed has actually made a significant difference

  8. Thanks for the input on the skin and hair info. May try those products

  9. Quote Originally Posted by fitfreak_CP View Post
    Thanks for the input on the skin and hair info. May try those products
    You haven't tried Propecia? It's a pretty mainstream pill. Buck a piece or cheaper. 1mg ED is enough.
    I really don't take it unless I'm on test. Just helps slow down balding. Doesn't really grow hair from what I know.
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  10. 3 weeks in, start of week 4.
    Pain is substantially less. I am not going to confuse that as healed though. Last two times I though it was healed due to "lack of pain" I set my clock way back.
    Although I did get away with some decline presses (no free weights, just hammer and cables) and my shoulder is fine.
    Going to try and box in 2 weeks. Just testing it here and there.

    I have 4 more weeks of HGH and TB 500 and then I will run an MRI. Actually most likely 6 weeks until my next MRI.

    Let's see if went changed from 70-80% torn.
    Hopefully down to 40% or less.
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  11. 4 weeks in, start of week 5.
    I'd say that I am about 30% better. Going off of feeling, so maybe I'm just used to the pain at this point.
    I've heard that pain can increase once I get off the TB-500 so i would like to see how that goes in a couple of weeks.

    Ordering some BPC. I'll stack a little TB-500 on top and continue my 4iu's a day of GH.

    This thread really doesn't need a week by week update since the healing is so slow.
    This thing has been torn for months now. Nothing is going to happen within weeks of TB-500.

    So I'll be back once I have a major update.
    Meaning the BPC does some magic, I can start lifting again, or my next MRI results are in.

    For now, I'll just take it day to day.

    I will say that not being able to hold my kid with my left for more than a couple of minutes is a pretty depressing feeling. You spend your whole life trying to be a super strong Dad (like we all believed our fathers were) only to find yourself wincing at the pain of holding a toddler with one arm. What kind of **** is this...
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  12. BPC came in. Going to run it at 500mcg ED for 40 days.
    Shoulder was feeling fine so I thought I would visit my boxing gym.
    About 12 rounds on the bag. Shoulder hurts again.
    Cool story...

    I've never been good at "time off". It's really going to be my downfall and these supps are turning into a waste of money if I can't stay put...

    Worst thread ever.
    Let me show you how to heal and mess yourself up over and over.
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  13. So my self conclusion is that all these peptites really don't mean as much as proper rest and diet.
    There is no miracle drug. No matter how much HGH, TB-500 or BPC-157 I pump into my system, I still have a torn rotator cuff.
    As a matter of fact, injecting BPC-157 right by my tendon just irritated the hell out of it and it took days for that to go away.

    I'm a going to continue to finish my BPC and TB, but really, I could have gotten this far just by not training and watching Family Matters re-runs with my hand down my pants.

    I'm sure it did something but its really not worth it.
    If you feel like dropping hundreds for that 10-20% edge in a quicker heal, then go ahead. I'm not a starting pitcher for the Angels so I really don't care if it takes me a little extra time.

    For me, not my thing...

    Just going to rely on good old fashion diet, rest and superior genetics.
    GH is always good though. I will never leave you.
    Get shredded or die mirin'

  14. So I've probably pumped so much $h1t into my system trying to heal my shoulder that I really can't say what is doing what. I do know that after I started breaking it up with a lacrosse ball it has been feeling MUCH better. I also sleep on it, which is painful to do, but one day I was just so tired and sick of my shoulder that I just laid my arm out and slept on it. Sort of how a physical therapist would fold your arm across to stretch it out. Man, I woke up like feeling like Superman. Is this really all I needed to do? Stretch and kneed the hell out of it. Started kickboxing as well and the impact on the bag is helping.

    Tried to hit chest. Nope, big mistake. It seems like my shoulders can't take the weight, but it loves the little pressure that I put on it.

    I can FIRMLY say I am about 50% there. Pain is minimal. I can function. Brush my teeth. Wash my hair. Play with my kid. Box. train. I just can't hit heavy incline. My power is literally down to half of what it used to be. I'm OK with that.

    MRI in about 2 months. I will let you know how it goes.
    Remember it ws 70-80% torn. Eager to see what it says now. My tendons can regrow. I will show you...

    4iu HGH ED
    .5mg BPC 157 ED
    2.5mg TB500 EW (Down from 5mg EW)
    A ton of vitamin C, oils, Glucosamine, Super Cissus and Type 1/2/3 Collagen

    I believe I am about 4 or 5 months in since my MRI results.
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  15. ...
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  16. 6 months since the injury and I am going to see the shoulder specialist today.
    Mostly because I want them to perform a new MRI to see what it looks like now.

    I feel the scar tissue. It's really crunchy under there and I spend about 10 minutes every other days breaking it up.

    I started to work out my chest again. I'm at about 80% of where I was prior to my injury.
    Started my martial arts back up, and my left shoulder does give out sooner than it used to. It's not really a power issue, it's just that my shoulder starts getting heavy sooner than it used to.

    No more TB and BPC.
    Just 4ius of GH.

    Maybe I'll do another round of TB and BPC, but for now just stay tuned for my MRI because I believe it will show that self rehab is possible.
    80% torn...telling me I need surgery...stop training...etc.
    Let's see...
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  17. Wow just reading your thread and I feel your pain. I'm in quite similar situation and train jujitsu kick boxing and love the gym! Not 100% on my injuries ultra sounds didn't show much dr won't hook me up with mri said there's not point cause it won't be a surgery thing anyways.! So both arms have extrem pain in bicep and tricep left shoulder can't lift my son who I just started training with he's 5 now and he loves it. Now I'm out. It's been 4 mths now half way through. I also was training legs cause that all I could do and it brought back and old groin injury pretty bad. Started feeling better was throwing a high round kick and stained it way worse. I've been running GH the whole time did some test early on got off no help there. Arms have been feeling a bit better lately but still pretty bad prob normal feeling time . Just picked up 3 bottles of TB500 and really would like to get on it but still a bit un sure about it... Would love to hear from you. Going to continue reading in in your thread. Feed back from you would be much appreciated . Thx

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Gxxr06 View Post
    Just picked up 3 bottles of TB500 and really would like to get on it but still a bit un sure about it... Would love to hear from you. Going to continue reading in in your thread. Feed back from you would be much appreciated .
    I've never tried to repair a tear without TB500.
    Meaning, this was my first time running it as well. So I can't really compare healing a rotator cuff tear with vs without it.

    I can tell you the following.
    1) TB500 + BPC157 helped MUCH better than running either compound alone. I tried running each on their own. When I stacked the 2, magic.
    2) Once you get off TB500, the pain does come back a bit. I don't know why, I can just say it does.

    Stating the obvious, time healed more than anything.
    Jiu Jitsu was too risky for me to get back into. I can lift on my own. I can kickbox own my own. I tried holding pads for a bit but stopped, not worth it. Sparred for a bit, also not worth it.

    You cannot roll on your own. You dont want to roll with someone and get injured.
    I am going to start the Jiu Jitsu back up in the start of Sept. If I have to tap early, I tap early, it is what it is. I've been off the mat for too long.

    3 bottles of TB500 isn't enough. You need at least 5 or 7 bottles so you can run 5-7 weeks.
    Unless your bottles are 10mg. Mine were 5mg.
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  19. Thanks for getting back to me. I'm going to start the TB 500 today. I'm on GH right Now just wondering if I should keep running it togethe with the TB. Both arms have a tendinitis. I read someone's thead one time saying that GH can cause tendonosis.. Wondering if anyone has ran GH and TB500 for the same reason and have had any good effects from it. In my mind I would think TB 500 reduce Inflamation and maybe GH can help repair.. !?? And yes getting more TB 500 just wanted to split my order with someone cause I know the shelf life isn't long..

  20. TB500 shelf life is fine as long as you dont' reconstitute it. Just refrigerate it when it's in powder form and it will be fine.

    As far as GH causing Tendonitis, it's never done that for me. It's always helped my tendons. I have had some really strong GH where I could barely close my hands in the morning, but that just caused pain and numbness. Don't confuse pain with healing, even though you may think they go hand in hand.

    Pain doesn't mean that it's getting worse.
    Then again, no pain doesn't mean that it's all healed up.

    It's really a trial an error, know your own body, type deal.

    I've re-injured my shoulder, knees, elbows, etc. countless times due to me thinking it's fine since there was no pain.

    Run your GH.
    It's good for you
    Get shredded or die mirin'

  21. All right thanks again for the quick feed back I feel like I'm on the right track here. I stated trying to do things once I started feeling a bit better then 2 steps back maybe 3 lol! Just stopped in at a recreation centre going to start swimming every other day trying and keep things loose and stretched! Gonna run the GH around maybe 5iu a day and 2mg a week of the TB500 seems to be the go to. I know what you mean about the grappling too I had this injury on one arm before. Never took anythin for it just let it heal it self .. Which took 1 yr.. Got over it was doing BJJ and got out of an arm bar then next day it was back and that was after 2 yrsof feeling good. Striking was always okay but holding the pad bothered it. And now that I have both arms and shoulder really gonna try and take the right steps to get best recovery possible!!

  22. Quote Originally Posted by Gxxr06 View Post
    Just stopped in at a recreation centre going to start swimming every other day trying and keep things loose and stretched!
    I hit the lap pool but it started to aggrivate my shoulder even more. Look into "swimmers shoulder" before you get stuck on hitting laps. It's extremely bad for the rotator cuff. I thought I was doing a good thing, but it made it worse.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gxxr06 View Post
    Gonna run the GH around maybe 5iu a day and 2mg a week of the TB500 seems to be the go to.
    I was hitting 5mg of TB500 per week. Basically 2 x 2.5mg per week.
    Not sure if 2mg a week is enough.
    Get shredded or die mirin'

  23. Damm real eh these injuries are all over the place it's like a plaig! I. Any wait to feel good hopefully again !!

  24. A little up date on my conditions. The TB 500 is definitely bringing down the swelling I've noticed almost after a few days into my first pin. After the 3rd pin inflammation was down lots on both arms and groin. Both feeling better but like everyone says. It's tricky u gott watch what U do cause u feeling better then you forget about the injury. A lot more flexibility. I could barely tie my shoe or go up stairs because of my groin. Now I can move much more freely pain had come down a lot. But it's still there found that out today when I climbed up on a tall chair to reach for something then got off like I wasn't injured stretched my groin pretty good but seems to be doing not to bad,light pain. I've been pining at around 8 at night . Trying to treat it like the gh. And do it about and hour and a half after meals or on empty stomach. So far so good. 4th pin tonight . So I split my first bottle into 3 shots. With 1.5 bac water. And there 2mg bottles. I do one a week so far. I'm also probably under 180 now for sure so I feel like that's a good dose for my weight ... Coming from 195 cut. Miss those days
    Also i am just running the TB500 no GH anymore. Might try that again later when I'm doing better. But didn't do much for me in healing process. Of tendinitis. I mixed the GH n prop from the start but wasn't going well. N the GH gives me that carpel tunnel feeling in my left wrist sometimes..
    Hope things keep going well. I read forums all the time and find it helped a lot to try and figure out a way to help issues. Dr.s and othe Physio even they can't really do that much for tendinitis it seems.even telling me to tty and start lifting again which in my case is the wrong thing to do. Some might not even believe it is tendinitis.. Took me one trip to sports medicine DR. And he felt all the tendinitis right away. And said lay off it eat right and anti Inflammatories. So that's where I'm at. Good luck to all the other people struggling with this!!

  25. Alright, here is what may be my last update. Here is how my appt went yesterday.

    * Orthopedic Surgeon (OS): I'm not going to waste time. I want to book you for surgery. 80% tare, so I will go in, force a complete tare and then a complete re-attachment. Recovery time is a year.

    * Me: No. That's the worst game plan I've ever heard in my life. I'm 80% healed from GH, BPC and TB. (Disclaimer, I didnt tell him his game plan sucked ass. Nor did I mention BPC or TB. Just make my story sound cool). Give me another MRI and I will show you.

    * OS: Well, I dont want to do another MRI because it wont do anything for me. I've seen MRI's say there is no tare, i go in there and there is a tare. Same vice versa (says tare, I go in, no tare).

    * Me: Listen here mo sucka, I didn't start training 2 weeks ago at Planet Fitness. I know what I am doing here. I've actually stayed active and in good shape since my injury. I'm just here to tell you what you do so you can write down what I tell you to write down on that little form of yours and I will be on my way.

    * OS: Let me know when you want to book your surgery.

    * Me: How about you write me down for deep massage therapy and let my insurance company eat it. I need someone to break up my scar issue as well as massage the rest of my muscles while they fan me with a giant leaf and feed me grapes.

    * OS: I will write you down for massage therapy but I cannot gaurantee insurance will approve it.

    So here I am, just waiting for insurance to approve my massages.
    I am running another 40 day gig of TB and BPC. Never stopped my GH.
    Shoulder feels great. Not perfect, but man, it's pain free and my chest exercises are at about 80% back to full strength.
    Jiu Jitsu for a month and it really doesn't hurt unless I roll for 20 minutes or more, even then, it's fine the next day.
    Kickboxing is fine as well.

    So ya, I'm doing it by myself.

    Also, if he is going to go in there and do a full tear on purpose, I rather just tear it myself trainnig. Then he can go in there and reattach it.

    Anyways, there it is...
    Get shredded or die mirin'


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