IGF-1/MGF Safety/Dosaging/Research

  1. IGF-1/MGF Safety/Dosaging/Research

    Okay I am writing this because I think a lot of people need to read this. I have read on a LOT of boards lately, around 5 other boards, questions that people ask in regards to IGF-1 and MGF that are beyond anyones knowledge. People aren't doing much research and expect the people in these forums to have answers to what they ask. Then when a pseudo-answer is given they take it as fact. You guys HAVE TO REMEMBER that we know extremely little of these compounds. For starters there are only a few studies that use LR3 IGF-1 in them. The few studies that have been posted are done on rats. Secondly, the studies that are posted uses incredible dosages of this compound on diabetic rats; we are talking around 50-600mcg daily of LR3 IGF-1 on a small little rat! We don't yet know anything about this compound in humans because there aren't any published studies on the matter. Safety is an absolute moot point because of this fact, we have no idea how safe it is short term or long term. Now would I still take it? Yes, and I have used it, but you have to assess these risks yourself and make that decision.

    With MGF, there is much of the same. We know even less about this because I haven't found really any studies that deal with exogenous MGF usage. Most studies test natural expression or use some sort of viral compound to change DNA composition, which is not what we currently have access to.

    Bottom line? We don't know exact dosages, we don't know the safety, and we don't know when we will know. Heck all the information we do have on this subject is based of of studies, some of which were posted in 2000! That means the information is over 6 years old and a lot has happened since then as a lot of people may have noticed who read about MGF in 2000 compared to more recent 2004 studies. There are only a few people in this world who can truly comment on MGF and trust me none of them reside at any bodybuilding forum. Although some of us can help provide information based off of interpretations of these studies, we aren't for sure if the information is for sure true or if it will be the same a year from now as concepts change quite rapidly!


  2. Great point. People do need to study what they are going to be putting into there bodies, before they do so. But it is great that there are people like you, who help us to understand these things a little better into simple terms. that is why I signed up here, as I have read your postings elsewhere, and wanted to find out more.
    Thank you for all the effort you are doing, in helping out our community.

  3. Thanks, I don't mind helping but I am seeing too many "I don't understand the article at all so I am not going to read it" type of people. You may not understand all of it but ask specific questions and I will attempt to help.

    The main point is to get it across to people that dosages are totally up in the air, we have no idea.

  4. So how much do I take if I'm living at 800 ft elevation in partial shade at room temp? Will it make me huge?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by SJA
    So how much do I take if I'm living at 800 ft elevation in partial shade at room temp? Will it make me huge?
    I didn't know winos had it so good. Are you recruiting?
    My The 1 LOG: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/steroids/254164-my-one-log.html

  6. Bravo LMD! I think people truly fail to realize we're playing out the plot to Jekyll and Hyde here. We are the experimental group, and we'd best be as well-read and informed as possible or we reduce ourselves to the status of mere lab-rats. We're on the razor's edge here, not fixing the neighbor’s '72 Pinto in the back yard.

    Thanks for speaking to this issue.



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