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  1. Hi Tech fatburners

    I've taken Hydroxyelite a few different times and am a huge fan! However, I have zero experience with any of Hi Techs other fat burners and was wondering how you would rate/compare them. Other stimmed fat burners I particularly like and enjoy are OL Ignit3, PES Norcodrene and "EC".

    So just wondering how some of Hi Techs other burners would compare to those and Hydroxyelite, particularly Lipodrene (regular and extreme), Synadrene, Stimerex ES, and any others you might recommend. I'm currently cutting, 300kcal deficit. Fasted cardio a few times a week depending on my work schedule and start time. Lifting 5-6 days a week. Basically just looking for good energy and appetite suppression . I have quite a stockpile of supps right now so there's no guarantee I'd even take said product this cut (honestly, I probably wont but I might throw some in on an order I'm looking to make this weekend... future stash type stuff) but perhaps later in the summer when I'm maintaining.

    Mostly just curious as how you'd compare these to the other fat nurners mentioned as you dont hear much about them on the forum here and I'm very curious, I know Hi Tech makes a good product. Thank you!

    @ManimalPatB @VaughnTrue

  2. In order of popularity I'd put them at:

    Fastin XR
    Lipodrene XR
    Hydroxy Elite

    Lipodrene Elite is coming very soon...I'd grab that one to be honest, should be intense

  3. I am taking Hydroxy Elite right now. It usually takes 3 to give me the jitters, but it gives me energy.

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