I Must Say This Place Is Starting To Get Really Good!

  1. I Must Say This Place Is Starting To Get Really Good!

    I just wanted to say that this place is starting to really good! I mean we got some solid posts happening, some solid bros from all over, and some mature and effective communication.

    Just wanted to say that everyone is doing a smoking job making this place a great board to come and hang out!

    Lets keep it up!



  2. Yep, I notice everytime I hit the refresh button another vet comes over here.....yesterday we got K(same), Lethal, McBain, Blacksmith, ncsports, msfit, and several other very intelligent people. On top of guys like you BF, SSX, Bobo, Wardog, ndn diablo, snakeman, Scorpio, etc. This is becoming like an all star board for members from all over the internet coming. There are probably guys here that are leaders at their respective boards that I dont even know and I welcome them as well.....its all you guys man....and us mods just appreciate how easy you make our jobs....other than the fake K(same) yesterday (whom I got to ban ow ow ) Theres been no draman and Id like to keep it that way, and with the additions the mod crew, I feel it will......hell sometimes I even forget Im a mod here, I just post and shoot the **** just like a regular member.

    We appreciate all you guys that come from bb.com whether you plan to post often or not, at least make this your second home.

  3. Yep, big thank you to all the vets coming to our humble abode. We are glad you are here!



  4. yeah many solid posts.



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