computer probs

  1. computer probs

    hey bro's;
    i am a dumbass when it comes to these things. i cant download anything on my computer. either from web or off of cd rom..
    when i try from internet. the page starts but disappears, and just leaves a slot on the task bar.
    i checked system and i got a code 10 sdi driver and code 11 midi. wtf, and how to fix. or i will shoot this damn thing. it has me mad.
    please help. i cant afford to kill this thing.

  2. Need some more info dude. What OS are you running, what browser are you using, what error does it say when you try and download something.

  3. 98 second edi. it says nothing at all, when i try to download.
    it acts like the page wants to open. and nothing happens, except on the task bar. where it leaves a print . like from another page.
    its like haveing 2 pages open,but nothing is there.

  4. i think you have some virus.

  5. same problem i face today



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