This week's installment of " Ask YJ"

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    Dear Oracle YJ,

    I would like to be rich and famous like you and have a Yukon Denali with 22's, and being in college I have the chance to pursue an education that will get me a job to make $$$. What would be your advice?

    - from Confused in Texas

  2. My advice to you is to do what all of us great wealthy men do,...take an empty room in your house (preferably in the basement) and build yourself a meth lab! Cant go wrong and the money will justp our in

  3. <<<------- YJ replying to our messages

  4. DOG! Can I hire you to fly here and jsut follow me around during the day for comic relief? The pay sucks, but the liver tab benefits are incredible.

  5. Unfortunately, the pay ALWAYS sucks.

    As for the liver tabs ... yummmm yummmm!!!!!



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