Why do people look down on us?

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  1. when someone makes a comment to me demeaning my body or lifestyle, i shoot it right back at them

    What? Are you trying to be a bodybuilder or something?

    respond with a comment that highlights the fact that they drink every weekend, smoke pot and cigarettes, looking like a 12 year old girl with their shirt off, could have their ass kicked by an autistic 10 year old, and have a stomach that looks like packed hamburger meat...which of course is fuel for a video game playing machine.

    if they try and make you feel like ****, shove it right back in their face. the type of attitude they are exemplifying is the reason that america is a country of disgusting fatasses.

    its almost as bad as that lipozene commercial thats on TV every 5 minutes.

    "cant lose that stubborn body fat!? ITS NOT YOUR FAULT!!"
    "2 capsules of lipozene a day causes a X% decrease in bodyfat, and the best part is that we didnt ask people to change their daily lives!"

    1. it is their fault
    2. fantastic, a drug that lets fat disgusting people continue their fat disgusting lives and recieve the benefeits of what some of us do with hard work while theyre at it

    rant terminated

  2. LoL... that woman in that commercial looks so fake...
    Although I have to defend them a bit, the only percentage I believe they are claiming is that x%of the weight lost was fat (meaning that the person could have lost 2 pounds but have most (from what I recall) of it be fat).

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  3. What? Are you trying to be a bodybuilder or something?
    I say "Yeah, I don't know what's wrong with me. I just don't seem to have the discipline to sit for 8 straight hours and eat nothing but cheesies and beer. I don't know how you do it - but you're a better man than I am. I feel pretty worthless having all those cheerleaders feeling me up and treating me like a piece of meat, but I just don't have the motivation to change... I'm just a victim, and it's not my fault - I blame my parents."

    LoL, nah - I'm just making that up. I don't talk to anyone who's out of shape...
  4. Post

    Quote Originally Posted by IronMarc
    Ahhh I see, my problem is that I have a big chest which sticks out, and my gut is kind of hidden, so when people see me dieting they ask why, cause I don't appear to be over weight.
    In my case, while my chest and shoulders are bigger than any average guy in his 40's, my arms are what gives me away as a powerlifter (20+ inches). But many average person expect me to also possess a 34 inch waist, which is highly unlikely for a powerlifter.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by IronMarc
    Ahhh I see, my problem is that I have a big chest which sticks out, and my gut is kind of hidden, so when people see me dieting they ask why, cause I don't appear to be over weight.

    Most people think I have 6-8 pack because my chest pushes my shirt out just the right amount

  6. Hey Iron Marc, don't feel bad about it bro, they just don't have our mentality about health and the human body. Education is always your best friend, you can tell them why you do what you do and the rest is up to them. If they don't understand then it's their problem, not yours. BTW, it's okay to drink every other week, but don't get sh!tfaced drunk

  7. I am glad to see that this thread got a lot of responses, I didn't expect so much support, I was just in a really bad mood one night and couldn't take how much criticism I was getting, even though what I was doing was healthy. I was feeling pressure to conform, "If you can't beat em', join em' " but that's not me, I can't stay more than 2 days away from the gym or else I feel like an unproductive piece of s**t. Which sucks, cause I really wanted to try the HST training, but 3 days a week only? It just hurt finding out the girl that I liked was as naive as the other people who "don't understand" why I do what I do. Lee Priest said " Bobybuilding isn't 40 minutes in the gym, it's a lifestyle." But why do people react to someone eating a can of tuna and let's say green beans for lunch the same way they would if they saw a guy wearing a speedo to class. I am getting off topic here, but mainly what people don't realise is that it goes beyond lifting weights and what you do in the gym, it's like hockey where you're only playing when you're on the ice, but most of the results from lifting weights doesn't come from the actual time spent in the gym, but what happens afterwards, mainly what you put into your body and rest. Which means ya, I might have to skip out on drinking or maybe I might have to go to bed before 1am, I don't have a problem with that because my goals are bodybuilding oriented. Some of my friends won't even eat with me because they are embarassed to be seen with a guy eating Cottage cheese, but they sit there and eat french fries covered in gravy with melted cheese over top. I can't wait for there metabolisms to slow down and then try to find the discipline to eat the way I do. Thanks for cheering me up guys.

  8. Its odd how they may be looking down at me all the while Im feeling superior hehe. I do have friends joke around me when they offer me junk food and I decline. They ask why and my answer is "Im perfect" haha always good for a laugh.

  9. dont worry about it bro, just keep doing your thing

  10. They look down on you for reviving a post from 2006
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by Aleksandar37 View Post
    They look down on you for reviving a post from 2006
    I don't make sandwiches and I don't clean house BUT I do play PC games and lift weights. Instagram: unicorn_droppings_for_you

  12. iLaugh
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  13. Be around people who are doing better than u so u reach up to them if ur around fools doing **** their not gonna come up to ur level ull end up at theirs. Ive noticed being big in shape people are very kind almost overly kind

  14. op that was years ago, how are things now

  15. Believe it or not but joining the Iron Legion, getting my nutrition right, living the lifestyle I want offends a lot of my coworkers. I started lifting again in June, and now I'm hooked. My depression is gone, I've gained a new confidence in who I am, my anxiety has decreased. I get a lot of you on roid comments, when in reality I bust my ass in the gym, I eat clean, I'm proud of being 37 years old and looking better than 90% of peeps my age. I got hit on by a gorgeous 19 yr old brunette at the grocery store last night. Time will tell where it leads. My point is. We don't lift for approval. We lift because this is our passion. I desire to be strong, feel strong, and look strong. I don't want approval of to feel normal. I want to be a jacked up freak show. If anyone has a problem with it. F em. I had a female coworker, tell me this week, I'm disproportionate, I have G.I. Joe arms on a Ken body. She didn't find it attractive, told me she knew me. lol What I've realized in life when you make a positive transformation, brings envy, jealousy, cause the haters desire to be like you, yet they fail cause they will never have the dedication. That is why my social circle is small. All the new ones trying to ride my wave, are fake, don't deserve a place in my life. Believe in yourself, realize your mind is limitless, accomplish great things.

  16. Wow what a bump! Haha but people disapprove because of do-gooder derogation, they feel threatened by you doing "the right thing," in this case, exercising and eating healthy, so they try to tear you down before you tear them down, because they assume that you will look down on them for not living up to your standards. Excellent attitude though! The only person whose approval I want is the person in the mirror, if someone else has a problem, they can go live their own life.

  17. Jealousy


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