hip thust at the smith machine

  1. hip thust at the smith machine

    hip thust at the smith machine

    according to you, doing hip thust at the smith machine is not completely wrong
    since the machine forces you to make a vertical compulsory movement
    while the movement of the hip by nature and curved / vertical
    what do you think?

  2. what does the MP stand for in your name?

  3. because ?

  4. curious, I would like to know.
  5. hip thust at the smith machine

    I have done hip thrusts many times on the smith. I prefer the smith just because itís easier to get postioned as well and loading/unloading the bar. I use a large pad and itís rolls on the hips allowing them to keep their natural flexion. Iím interested in hearing more perspectives but personally I feel like it hits relatively the same way!
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    because ?
    because we can always just guess
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  7. Well I like it strictly to say Im throwing weight around but in reality I do feel there are more effective options. Hip Extension in itself can be overly complicated and I really love single leg bridges to say Im seeing a benefit.

    Rouge and Nautilus both have Glute Drive variations that are more comfortable and natural in motion to achieve the same desired effects. I guess it really comes down to what you have access to. Planet Fit may only have a smith machine, Golds will offer 2-3 different things and your YMCA will just present something lol.

    No matter the angle if one has the flexibility to fully extend the hip then they should see benefit. Yea my answer is all over the place and slightly a rant lol.
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    because we can always just guess


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