Tvar/Sdrol dosage?

  1. Tvar/Sdrol dosage?

    Hey everyone,
    This may seen like a silly question as I'm not extremely familiar with Ph's. This is my 5th cycle and by far my most dosage wise. A friend of mine recommended running tvar/sdrol stacked with what I'm already on. I've done enough research to know my basics. Liver toxicity protection. Took measures already , also already have the 10cc of what he recommended. I'm hesitant to start it because I'm not sure how to dose? When I started this run I weighed in at 154 13% be. 3 weeks in I'm 173.4./ 7% bf

    Right now I'm running
    T cyp 250 1cc 3 week
    Masteron 200 1cc EOD
    Trenavar 25 .4cc/ 2 morning _ 2 evening
    (Just started) tvar. Insane gains already.

  2. tvar is old like 2012. I used 40 mgs at most. sd I used 30 mgs but it was too much. 10 mgs would be better for 3-4 weeks.
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  3. 150-170lbs and on well over a gram of gear. SMH

  4. How tall are you?

  5. Is that a bad thing?

  6. It's a tvar/Sdrol combo on the same jar.t/s 25


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